Dehner, Ernst Friedrich.

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Dehner, Ernst Friedrich, born on 05-03-1889, in Hersbruck, one month before Adolf Hitler , entered the Army on 01-10-1908, age 19, as a volunteer in the 14th Königliche Bayerisches Infanterie-Regiment “Hartmann” . As a Leutnant and Platoon Leader of the 14th he came to the Western front in 1914 and was wounded  soon in hospital from 05-09-1914 until 02-12-1914. Transferred to the Replacement Battalion of the 14th  to 21-12-1915. In the fields with the 23rd Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment to 23-02-1915. In the Summer of 1916 he is awarded wit both the Knight Crosses . He landed in French captivity interned in Switzerland to 08-08-118 and released he returned to Germany. Dehner was allowed to stay in the new Reichswehr,  as an Oberleutnant. He was promoted to Hauptmann on 22-08-1919, Major on 01-03-1931, Oberstleutnant on 01-07-1934, as Oberst on 01-10-1936, he got the command of the 87th Infantry Regiment in Wiesbaden and with this Regiment he comes on the Western Front of World War II. On 01-10-1940 he is a Generalmajor and on 15-11-1940 in the Führer Reserve. Then the first commander of the new 106th Infantry Division   on the battlefields of Russia in 1941. He is awarded again with the Iron Cross  for leading in heavy battles, but also again in the Reserve in Mai 1942, losing his position to Generalleutnant Alfons Hitter.   Hitter survived the war and died 11-03-1968, aged 75. Dehner promoted to Generalleutnant on 01-10-1942 with the command of the LXXXII Army Corps in North France where he succeeded General der Infanterie, Commanding General of the LXXXII Army Corps, Alfred Boehm-Tettelbach    and Generalmajor der Kavallerie, 7thArmee. Wanted to blow himself together with Hitler, Freiherr Rudolf von Gersdorff
    was the Chief of Staff. On 16-11-1942 he becomes a General of the Infantry. On 10-07-1943 he loses his post and in the Reserve until 15-07-1943, as he becomes the commander of the LXIX Reserve Corps on the Balkan. In January 1944 he is commander of LXIX Army Corps, until 01-01-1944 and again in the Reserve. Dehner is transferred to France on 01-08-1944 and assigned to Commander of North-East France, the General Command Dehner. He is in the Führer Reserve (see Adolf Hitler) (did you know) for the fifth time, on 19-11-1944 and then for Special Tasks in the Army Group A. Dehner lands in Allied captivity on 18-04-1945, as commander of the West and released in 1947. He is condemned  to seven years in the Landsberg prison in the Süd-East process, in 1948 and already in 1951 he is free again.

Death and burial ground of Dehner, Ernst Friedrich.

Dehner died on 13-09-1970, at the old age of 81, in Wiesbaden and is buried with his wife Anna, born Gafrimer, who died age 62 in 1949,
    on the Nordfriedhof of Wiesbaden. Generalleutnant der Infanterie, Kommandeur 170th Infanterie Division, Franz Bentivegni, Generalleutnant der Kavallerie, Jurist Reichs Kriegsgericht, Friedrich Eberhardt, Generalleutant der Infanterie, Kommandeur der 172nd Division, Kurt Fischer, Generalleutnant der Infanterie, Commander of POW’s in area Wehrmacht Commander Eastern Territories, Victor Gaissert, Generalmajor der Artillerie, Kommandeur der Raketten Artillerie Truppe, Ernst Graewe  Generalleutnant der Flieger, Kommandeur Luftwaffe Versorgung, Friedrich Hanesse, Generalmajor der Flieger, Kommandeur der 4th Fallschirmjägerluftflotte, Battle for Stalingrad, Hans von Herudt von Rhode, General der Flieger, Erich von Keiser, Generalleutnant der Flieger, Leader of firing Commission with the Air Fleet Reich, in Wiesbaden, Erich Homberg, Generalmajor der Flieger, Commander of POW’s Military District III, Herbert Giese, Generaloberst der Infanterie, Kommandeur der 15th Division , D-Day, Hans von Salmuth, Generalmajor der Wehrmacht, Friedrich von Unger  Generalleutnant der Wehrmacht, Chef des Generalstabes vom Generalkommando XXXIII: Armeekorps, Bruno Uthmann, Generalmajor der Infanterie, Command of the X Army, Hanns Adolf Voigt, Generalmajor der Flieger, 8th Department der Luftwaffe, Horst Voigt Ruscheweyh and Vice Admiral, Marineattaché, Ralf von Marwitz.

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    Nice site, thank you.


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