Uthmann, Bruno von.

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Uthmann, Bruno von
Uthmann, Bruno von, born 17-04-1891 in Berlin, joined the Army, age 19, as a Fähnrich in the Königlich Preußische Armee, with the Kaiser Alexander Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Nr. 1, under command of Oberst Hans Schach von Wittenau , on 14-03-1911. As a Leutnant in this Regiment he was wounded in the first war and received the wounded badge  in black and both the Iron Crosses . He remained in the new Reichswehr.  As a Major he was in the Staff of the 3rd Reichswehr Division, under Generalleutnant Werner Freiherr von Fritsch   in Berlin until the start of World War II. He was a military Attache on the German Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden. He was promoted to Generalmajor on 01-10-1939 and on 01-09-141 as Generalleutnant, remained in Sweden and didn’t see the battlefields till the surrender of Germany.

Death and burial ground of Uthmann, Bruno von.

post_499_0_55492400_1348533828_thumb  Living in Wiesbaden, Uthmann died, old age of 87, on 08-06-1978 and is buried with his wife Eva-Maria, born Schuchting, who died age 79, on 17-10-1979, on the North Cemetery of Wiesbaden.

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