Chappuis, Friedrich Wilhelm von.

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Chappuis, Friedrich Wilhelm von, born on 13-09-1886 in Schubin, the son of the later Undersecretary of State and Real Secret Council of Chappuis, was a General der Infanterie who commanded the XXXVIII Corps succeeding Field Marshal (Generalfeldmarschall) Erich “von Lewinski” von Manstein , during World War II. Chappui was also a recipient of the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross. He entered the Army on 06-03-1906 as a Fähnrich in the 5th Garde Grenadier Regiment Spandau . After finishing the war school he became a Leutnant and on 19-06-1914 Adjutant in the II Battalion of the 5th. During World War I, he as Battalion Commander was in action in different General Staffs and in 1917 in the General staff of the 206th Infanterie Division 206th Infantry Division logo 1.svg, under Generalleutnant der Infanterie, Hugo Höfl.  DE Band mit RK (1).jpg Höfl died age 79 on 13-04-1957, in Weipersthausen.
Chappuis received both the Iron Crosses  and the Hausordens von Hohenzollern with Schwertern, Swords  and some more decorations for bravery. After the end of the war Chappuis was a leader of a Freikorps,  in the 5th Division’s Staff and Commander of the 5th Infantry Regiment.  In the growing Reichswehr he was released by then Oberst der Infanterie, Ernst Buschenhagen 
and was assigned as the Commander of the new XIV Army Corps in Magdeburg and was involved in the Poland invasion with this Army Corps. Here von Chappuis is decorating the leader of the Belgium Zwarte Brigade/ Black Brigade of collaboraters Tollenaere, Raymond Pierre Jean Emma Marie “Reimond”. who would be killed on 22-01-1942, age 32, by befriended artillery fire of the Spanish Division Azul, in Kopcy, 24 km north of Veliki Novgorod. Von Chappius was awarded with the ribbons of the Iron Cross. Chappuis was promoted to Generalmajor and Chief of the General Staff. In 1940, he received the Ritterkreuz and became a General in the Infantry of the XXXVIII Army Corps, under Field Marshal der Infanterie, Erich von Manstein.
Von Chappuis was promoted to General of the Infantry on 01-04-1941. During 1941/1942 the German Army came into trouble, because of the heavy retreating battles under hard winter conditions and Chappuis lost because of this winter collapse his post, in April 1942 and landed in the Führer Reserve.  From this replacement, he was hit hard

Death and burial ground of Chappuis, Friedrich Wilhelm von.

   Knight’s Cross award ceremony for Generalleutnant Kurt Herzog, commander of the 291st Infantry Division, by General of the Infantry von Chappuis, Commanding General of the XXXVIII. Army Corps. A war criminal, Kurt Herzog surrendered to the Soviet troops in May 1945 and died in captivity on 08-03-1948, age 59.
Friedrich Chappuis was so disappointed by this replacement for him, so humiliation relief, that he on 27-08-1942, committed suicide in Magdeburg with a shot through the head, the place he started his career. Von Chappuis high decorated was buried, at the age of 55, on the cemetery Charlottenburg, in Berlin, Gauleiter of Berlin was Josef Goebbels (did you know).

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