Fieldmarshal Montgomery had puppies called “Hitler” and “Rommel”


Marshal Bernard Montgomery  has at his headquarters two dogs, which he calls Hitler and Rommel. Not everybody knows how the four-footed Hitler came by his name, nor how Montgomery came by the dog. It was a gift from BBC war correspondents and Frank Gillard   had quite a bit to do with capturing this Hitler… Read more »

10 bizarre war machines from World War II.


1 – ICE AIRCRAFT CARRIERS “BERGSHIPS” Project Habakkuk was a British plan by Geoffrey Nathaniel Joseph Pyke  to build aircraft carriers out of pykrete, a mixture of wood pulp and ice. The carriers, nicknamed “berg ships” were to operate as landing platforms for aircraft in the war against the German U-boats in the mid-Atlantic. A… Read more »

Freddie Oversteegen: Dutch teenage resistance fighter assassinated Nazis.


After Nazi forces invaded the Netherlands in 1940, 14-year-old Freddie Oversteegen   handed out pamphlets and posters condemning German aggression. The first thing the Nazis took from Freddie Oversteegen was her bed. Her mother, Trijn, a communist bringing up her children independently in the Dutch city of Haarlem, sheltered Jews, dissidents and gay people as they fled Germany… Read more »

Bataan Death March, Philippines, 1942


It is not clear whether General Masaharu Homma ordered the atrocities that occurred during the march, but it is clear that his lack of administrative expertise and his inability to adequately delegate authority and control his men helped to enable the atrocities.[10] After American-Filipino forces surrendered the Bataan Peninsula, Homma turned the logistics of handling the… Read more »

The D-Day rehearsal that cost about a 1000 lives.


The D-Day rehearsal, codenamed Exercise Tiger, was a disaster on a grand scale with the loss of life greater than the actual invasion of Normandy just months later. But the true story was to remain a secret for decades to come. The first practice assault took place on the morning of 27 April and was marred… Read more »

Assassination of Reinhard Heydrich.


When head of Nazi security police and governor of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, Reinhard Heydrich,  died 73 years ago, June 4, 1942, due to wounds inflicted by Czech parachutists during an assassination attempt, it marked one of the highlights in the history of Czech resistance and proved a great blow to the Nazi… Read more »

Heinrich Himmler’s daughter remained an unrepentant Nazi.


Heinrich Himmler adored his daughter and had her regularly flown to his offices in Berlin from Munich where she lived with her mother  . When she was at home he telephoned her most days and wrote to her every week. He continued to call her by her childhood nickname “Püppi” throughout his life. She accompanied… Read more »

“The Cross of Honor for the German Mother”


To increase the birthrate, the Nazi regime ran a non-stop propaganda campaign that glorified starting a family and having children. One manifestation of the Nazi “cult of the mother” was the “Cross of Honor for the German Mother” (also known as the “Mother Cross”), which the NSDAP awarded in Hitler’s name to mothers with four… Read more »

The end of Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler.


Operation Spring Awaking, Frühlingserwachen (6 March 1945 – 16 March 1945) was the last major German offensive launched during World War II and was an offensive begun by the Germans in great secrecy on 6 March 1945. They launched attacks in Hungary near the Lake Balaton area on the Eastern Front. This area included some of the… Read more »

Willem Christiaan Heinrich Henneicke, Dutch Jews hunter.


The Henneicke Column was a Group of more than 50 people, under the leadership of Willem Christiaan Heinrich Henneicke , which was specialised in hunting down Jews in Holland. Jewish people  that were trying to hide or were violating one of the many anti-Jewish regulations could fall in the hands of one of the members… Read more »

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