Voigt, Hanns Adolf.

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Voigt, Hanns Adolf, born 20-07-1889, in Wiesbaden, 3 months after Adolf Hitler (did you know) entered the Army Serve as a Fahnenjunker, age 20, on 27-11-1909, He joined the Jäger-Regiment Calvary Nr. 2.  After following the war school he on 16-06-1911 was promoted to Leutnant.  With the beginning of the first war he was the Squadron Officer in the Jäger Regiment on Horses Nr 2. On 18-08-1916 promoted to Oberleutnant and received both the Iron Crosses . He was accepted in the new Reichswehr as an Oberleutnant with the 7th Cavalry Regiment in 1920. On 01-03-1936 he is appointed as an Oberstleutnant and he succeeded the Oberst Adolf von Kleist, von Kleist died age 71, on 14-07-1957,  as the commander of the 18th Kavallerie Regiment in Stuttgart, Cannstatt. Voigt becomes an Oberst on 01-10-1938 and with the start of World War II in 1939 he losses his command. From 01-10-1939 he is for two years the commander of the 524th Infantry Regiment which he leads, together with the 297th Infantry Division , under command of Generalleutnant Max Pfeffer,

   in the winter battles on the Eastern front. On 01-04-1942 he losses this command and lands in the infamous Führer Reserve . His next command for more than two years is as commander of Graudenz and promoted to Generalmajor on 01-06-1942. Lost his command on 31-08-1944 and became the General Command of the X Army his last command during the war.

Death and burial ground of Voigt, Hanns Adolf.

Living in Wiesbaden Hanns Voigt died at the very old age of 92 on 01-01-1982 and is buried between many WWII Generals on the Nord Friedhof/ North Cemetery of Wiesbaden.


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