Voigt-Ruscheweyh, Hermann.

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Voigt-Ruscheweyh, Hermann
Voigt-Ruscheweyh, Hermann, born 30-05-1880 in Wahrenbrück, joined the Army, age 17, as a company leader in the 15th Foot Artillery Regiment. Hermann started the first World War as an Adjutant of the General of Artillery, Wilhelm, German Crown Prince
   , son of Emperor Wilhelm II,
with the General Staff of the 5th Army. He became an enthusiastic follower of Hitler, but  after the murder of his friend Kurt von Schleicher,
   the former Chancellor, in the Night of the Long Knives (1934), he withdrew from all political activities.
Voigt-Ruscheweyh retired on 30-09-1928 from the new Reichswehr and went on a military mission to Turkey. He was reactivated in Adolf Hitler’s    (did you know) and  Hermann Goering’s  (did you know), growing Luftwaffe, on 03-12-1938. Hitler and Eva Braun’s ashes were scattered from the Schweinebrücke over the river Ehle in Biederitz and Goering’s ashes from the Reichenbachbrücke in Munich. Voigt-Ruscheweyh thus joined on 01-12-1938 at the request of the Luftwaffe Command (OKL). Like so many others, Voigt-Ruscheweyh had followed the operations of the legion of the Legion Condor  from the end of 1936 with admiration. Generalmajor Hugo Sperrle 
and his winged Spanish fighters, among others, Werner “Vati” Mölders, Hajo Herrmann  who died old age 97 on 05-11-2010, and Adolf “Dolfo” Galland,
   showed the world not only exciting new aircraft developments from spring 1937, but also proved above all that the newly established Luftwaffe was able to decide superiority and victory on a war zone.
Until 20-04-1943 (from 01-06-1940 as a Oberleutnant) Voigt-Ruscheweyh was chief of the news system in the staff of the Luftwaffekommando XII and XXV. Until 01-11-1943, now Oberst Voigt-Ruscheweyh was available at the XII Air Force Replacement Battalion and the Luftwaffe Air Force.
From November 1943 until his retirement on 31-12-1944, promoted to Generalmajor, Voigt-Ruscheweyh was the administrative director of the Domestic Division of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces (OKW) .
Generalmajor a. D. Voigt-Ruscheweyh was from the 9th of January 1945 to the 8th of May 1945 freelance scientific assistant of the 8th Division (OKL Chief Gen St.) Of the General Staff of the Luftwaffe at the OKL in Berlin.
Oberleutnant Voigt-Ruscheweyh married his fiancée Edith Griepenkerl in 1911 (born 28-1-1890), the daughter of Generalleutnant Otto Franz Wilhelm Theodor Griepenkerl (1851–1930) and his wife Katherina, born Freiin von Stromberg, who was married on 12-07-1887 . His brother-in-law was the artillery and later air force officer Oberst Kurt Griepenkerl.

Death and burial ground of Voigt-Ruscheweyh, Hermann.

Living in Wahrenbrück Voigt-Ruschweyh died, old age 89, on 26-08-1969 and is buried with his wife Edith, born Griedenkerl, who died old age 93, on 14-08-1983, on the North Cemetery of Wiesbaden.

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