Caron, George Robert “Bob”

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Caron, George Robert "Bob"
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Caron, George Robert “Bob”, born on 31-10-1919, was the tail gunner, the only defender of the twelve crewmen, aboard the B-29 Enola Gay during the historic bombing of Hiroshima, Japan on 06-08-1945.
  The pilot was Paul Tibbets, Major Thomas Wilson Ferebee was the bombardier, Wyatt Duzenbury the flight engineer, Richard H. Nelson
   the radio operator.
Facing the rear of the B-29, his vantage point made him the first man in history to witness the cataclysmic growth of the mushroom cloud over Hiroshima. Sergeant Caron was asked to carry a handheld Fairchild K-20 camera during the operation. Caron’s photographs of the explosion were printed on millions of leaflets that were dropped over Japan the next day. Caron once said that while the first use of an A-bomb against human targets might have changed history, it did not change him. “No remorse, no bad dreams,” he said in an interview published May 29 in the Rocky Mountain News. “We accomplished our mission.

Death and burial ground of Caron, George Robert “Bob”.

  “Bob” Caron, died on 03-06-1995, at the age of 75, of pneumonia at St. Anthony Hospital North, his family said. Caron is buried on the Fort Logan National Cemetery, in Denver.

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