Rokossovski, Konstantin Konstantinovich

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Rokossovski, Konstantin Konstantinovich, born 21-12-1896 in Warschau was a Soviet General. His father was a railroad engineer, served in the imperial army as a noncommissioned officer in World War I. He served in the Civil War, rising through the ranks to various Far Eastern commands, notably leading a cavalry brigade during the Soviet-Chinese dispute over control of the Chinese Eastern Railway (1929). He was imprisoned in 1938 and entered the czarist Army. Purged in 1937, he was rehabilitated in 1940. In World War II he distinguished himself at Moscow, Stalingrad, later Volgograd, and Kursk and became commander on the central front. He won his greatest renown at Stalingrad when he directed six Soviet armies of the Don River front that, along with other Soviet forces, first trapped and then annihilated the 22 divisions of the German Sixth Army , under Generalfeldmarschall der Panzertruppe, Friedrich von Paulus “Der Lord”  His armies stood by without aiding the tragic Warsaw uprising of 1944 against the Germans. In 1949, Rokossovsky was made commander in chief and minister of defense of Poland and from 1952 he was deputy prime minister; in this capacity he was an important symbol of Soviet influence in Poland. After the assertion of Polish nationalism under Gomułka as leader of the Polish Communist party in 1956, Rokossovsky resigned and was recalled to the Soviet Union. From 1956 to 1958 he twice served as Russian deputy minister of defence.

Death and burial ground of Rokossovski, Konstantin Konstantinovich.

  Rokossovski died at the age of 71, on 03-08-1968, Moscow of cancer and is buried with more famous Russian Generals along the Kremlin Wall in Moscow, next to Josef Stalin, General Kirill Meretskov, General Ivan Konev, Marshal Semyon Timoshenko, Marshal Georgi Zhukov, Marshal, Alelsandr Vasilevski and Marshal, Kliment Vorosjilo.



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