Meltzer, Rudolf.

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Meltzer, Rudolf, born 13-06-1888 in Furstenwalde an der Spree, entered the Army as a Sea Cadet on 01-04-1908, age 19 and served as a Leutnant in the in the 2nd Telegraph Battalion on 16-10-1910. He was in the fields of the first war and afterwards remained in the new Reichswehr. At the beginning of World War II he as an Oberst was Signals Leader of the  XXIV Army Corps, to 24-10-1939. Appointed to commander of Signals Regiment 511 to 01-05-1940. Meltzer then was Signals leader of border South and commander of Field Signals District 2, until 01-06-1940. He became Signals leader of the General Government in Poland to 01-09-1940. Until 15-01-1941 Signal Leader West and to 23-06-1941 Signal leader of the Armed Forces in Bohemia and Moravia  . Signal Leader of Vienna to 01-08-1941 and Signal Leader with the Armed Forces Ukraine until 01-11-1943, meanwhile a Generalmajor. From 01-11-1941 Signal leader with Military Commander Italy, to 05-12-1944 and his last command as Signal Leader with Army Group Weichsel, now a Generalleutnant. Meltzer was in the Island Farm prison camp

with many other Generals, from 08-05-1945.

Death and burial ground of Meltzer, Rudolf.

Meltzer retired in Aschau am Inn and died there at the old age of 85, on 17-10-1973. He is buried with his wife Irmgard, born Schwietzke, who died age 77, on 30-11-1980, on the cemetery of Aschau. Only steps away the graves of Oberst der Wehrmacht, Chief of Staff of the V SS Mountain Corps, Ernst Kriebel, SS Brigade Führer, The Third Reich to State Secretary and acting Reich Economics Minister as a member of the NSDAP and the SS, Franz Hayler, Generalmajor, Chief of Staff of the Replacement VIII Army Corps in Breslau, Friedrich Fritz von Kriebel

   and Generalleutnant der Artillerie, Kommandeur 56th Infanterie Division, Edmund Blaurock


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