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Beuttel, Kurt, born 06-03-1886 in Waldshut, Baden, as many aspirants, entered the Army, as a Fahnenjunker, in the Kaiseriche Armee . During the Great War, fighting in the Badish 110th Grenadier-Regiment “Kaiser Wilhelm I,  he is awarded with both the Iron Crosses.  He remained in the new Reichswehr, in the 12th Infantry Regiment. Promoted to Generalmajor on 01-08-1938 and assigned as the commander of Feldzeug Kommando XVII in Vienna. With this command he starts in World War II and soon is promoted to Generalleutnant. Beuttel here with Wilhelm Keitel and Hans Jürgen von Arnim  Alas he lands in the Führer Reserve (see Adolf Hitler) (did you know), on 01-09-1941, The Führer Reserve , “Officers Reserve”, was set up in 1939 as a pool of temporarily unoccupied high military officers waiting for new assignments in the German Armed Forces during World War II. The various military branches and army groups each had their own pool which they could use as they saw fit. The officers were required to remain at their assigned stations and be available to their superiors, but could not exercise any command function, which was equivalent to a temporary retirement while retaining their previous income. Especially in the second half of the war, more and more politically problematic, troublesome, or militarily incompetent officers were assigned to the Führer Reserve. Hitler’s capriciousness and reactivated Beuttel as commander of Oberfeldkommandeur 365 in Lemberg. Kurt Beuttel is in the Führer Reserve again, from August 1944 and retired on 31-12-1944, age 58. In captivity of the Allies until October 1947.

Death and burial ground of Beuttel, Kurt.

After the war, von Beuttel lived in beautiful Heidelberg.  He died there at the age of 70, on 02-05-1956,    and Kurt von Beuttel is buried on the Bergfriedhof in Heidelberg and only a few steps from the graves of Albert Speer, the composer a Hitler favourite Wilhelm Fürtwangler    and flyer ace, Kommodore Jagd Gruppe 300 Oberst, Walter Dahl. First commander of the Jagd Gruppe 300 was Hans-Joachim “Hajo” Herrmann   who received the Oake Leaves and Herrmann was one of the highest-ranked surviving German Luftwaffe officers. He died at the very old age of 97 on 05-11-2010 and his ashes scattered in the Eastern Sea.


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