Murray, Maxwell

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Murray, Maxwell, born 19-06-1885 at West Point, New York as a son of Major General Arthur Murray, first Chief of Coast Artillery Corps and his wife Sarah Wetmore De Russy, daughter of Union Brigadier General René Edward De Russy

  De Russy died age 76, on 23-11-1865 in San Fransico. Murray attended the United States Military Academy during the years 1903 – 1907 and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant of the Cavalry on 14-06-1907. During World War I, Murray was transferred to the Field Artillery branch on 13-01-1917 and sent with 5th Field Artillery within 1st Infantry Division to the France. Promoted to First Lieutenant, Cavalry, Regular Army, 27-07-1907; and to Captain, Cavalry, Regular Army, 01-07-1916, and transferred to Field Artillery 13-01-1917. He was appointed Major (temporary), Field Artillery on 05-08-1917, he accepted on 05-12-1917, which terminated on 07-01-1918. He was appointed to Lieutenant Colonel, Field Artillery, National Army, 05-01-1918, he accepted on 08-01-1918. He was appointed Colonel, Field Artillery, U.S. Army, 28-08-1918, he accepted on 30-08-1918, and was honorably discharged from commission as Colonel, Field Artillery, U.S. Army, only, on 23-01-1920. He was promoted to Major, Field Artillery, Regular Army, on 01-07-1920; Lieutenant Colonel, Field Artillery, Regular Army, 01-10-1930; Colonel, Field Artillery, Regular Army, on 28-10-1935; appointed Brigadier General, Field Artillery, Regular Army, on 01-12-1938, accepted the same date, and he was promoted to Major General, on 10-07-1941. Murraywas promoted to the temporary rank of Colonel and was in command of the 5th Field Artillery Regiment during the Battle of Cantigny, Battle of Soissons and Second Battle of the Marne. Murray commanded the 25th Infantry Division, nickname “Tropic Lightning” or “Electric Strawberry”  during the attack on Pearl Harbor

Death and burial ground of Murray, Maxwell.

.   The casualties of the division during there 260 days of the European combat are 5.432. Murray was succeeded by General Lawton Collins. Maxwell Murray died age 63, on 04-08-1948 and is buried with his wife Phyllis Howard, born De Russy, who died old age 86, in 1976, on the Arlington National Cemetery, in Section 3. Major General, Commander, G1 (Personnel) Section, Headquarters SHAEF, Charles Bonesteel, the 101st Airborne General, Anthony McAuliffe

the Bastogne defender, Major General. Commander, 7th Armoured Division, Truman Boudinot, Commanded the 25st Infantry Division  during the attack on Pearl Harbor , Maxwell Murray, Major General, adviser MacArthur. Corps Engineers, Hugh Casey, Major General, “Father of the Armoured Forces”, Adna Chaffee, Lieutenant General, Chief of Staff, Hugh Drum, Lieutenant General, 3rd Service Command and Deputy, Manton Eddy, Rear Admiral, U Boot 505, Daniel Gallery,Lieutenant General, Quartermaster U.S. Army, Thomas Larkin and Marine Corps General, Iwo Jima-Guadalcanal-Okinawa, Randolph Pate.

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