Neurath, Konstantin Hermann Karel Freiherr von

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Neurath, Konstantin Hermann Karel Freiherr von, born on 02-02-1873 in Klein-Glattbach, Württemburg. After studying law at the University of Berlin , Gauleiter there was Josef Goebbels (did you know),   he entered the German foreign service in 1903. He was a member of the consular staff in London from 1903 to 1908, before returning to Berlin. He joined the German Army  in the First World War and as a Hauptmann won the Iron Cross . After being badly wounded  he returned to diplomatic service in Turkey. After the war von Neurath served as Minister to Denmark and Ambassador to Italy. Following a period as Ambassador to Britain (1930-32) Franz “Fränzschen von Papen

 appointed him Foreign Minister

    He retained the post under Kurt Schleicher   and Adolf Hitler. Von Neurath held right-wing opinions conservative views but had doubts about Hitler’s aggressive foreign policy. Hitler kept him in position as he gave the government respectability. In March 1938 Hitler replaced von Neurath with Joachim von Ribbentrop

  when he complained that the current policy would result in war. In 1939 Adolf Hitler (did you know) appointed von Neurath as Protector of Czechoslovakia. When Czech students protested against Nazi rule von Neurath closed all the universities in the country. He also ordered nine of the students who took part in the rebellion to be executed. Hitler felt that von Neurath did not deal harshly enough with the resistance movement in Czechoslovakia and in September, 1941, replaced him with Reinard Heydrich. Heydrich was assassinated in 1942 and succeeded by SS Oberstgruppenführer Kurt Daluge

  Von Neurath officially remained as Reichsprotektor through this time. He tried to resign in 1941, but his resignation was not accepted until August 1943, when he was succeeded by the former Minister of the Interior Wilhelm Frick.

   In June of that year he had been raised to the rank of an SS Obergruppenführer . Late in the war, von Neurath had contacts with the German resistance

In May 1945, Daluege was arrested by British troops in Lubeck and interned in Luxembourg and then at Nurenberg where he was charged as “a major war criminal”. In September 1946 after being extradited to Czechoslovakia, he was tried for his many war crimes committed in the Protectorate. Throughout his trial, Daluege was unrepentant, claiming that he was beloved by “three million policemen”, only following Hitler’s orders and that he had a clear conscience. He was convicted on all charges and sentenced to death on 23-10-1946.. Daluege was hanged in Pankrác prison in Praque on 24-10-1946 two weeks after the birth of the webmaster.

Von Neurath was captured by Allied troops at the end of the World War II. At the Nuremberg War Trial he was found guilty of war crimes and sentenced to fifteen years in prison. After serving eight years he was released on account of his poor health here with his wife Marie Auguste Bsse. Moser von Filseck.

  They had three children, Freiherr Konstantin Alexander von Neurath,  Dr. jur.; Winifred Christine Frfr. von Neurath  and daughter Dorothee von Neurath  

Death and burial ground of Neurath, Konstantin Hermann Karel Freiherr von.

Konstantin von Neurath died on 14-08-1956, old age 83 of a heart attack on his family’s estates in Enzweigingen Freiherr Konstantin von Neurath is buried on the family graveside of the cemetery in Klein Glattbach.



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