Daluege, Kurt Max Franz

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Daluege, Kurt Max Franz
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Daluege, Kurt Max Franz, born in Kreuzburg on 15-09-1897. He joined the German Army and during the First World War he was decorated for bravery.

After the war, Daluege worked as an engineer. He was also active in the Freikorps  before joining the National Socialist German Party, NSDAP  in 1922. On 16-10-1926, Daluege married Käthe Schwarz (born 23-11-1901) who later became a member of the Nazi Party (member no. 118,363)..In 1937, Daluege and his wife adopted a son. Afterwards, Daluege’s wife bore three biological children, sons born in 1938 and 1940 and a daughter born in 1942  He formed the first Sturm Abteilung (SA) unit in Berlin before transferring to the Schutzstaffel, SS in 1928 where he worked closely with Heinrich Himmler..

In 1933, Daluege   was elected to the Reichstag and soon afterwards Hermann Goering  moved him to the Prussian Ministry of the Interior where he took over the police force. Goering now took control of all the police forces in Germany and placed Daluege in charge of what now became known as the Ordnungspolizei (Orpo)  .

Deluege also established the Kameradschaftsbund Deutscher Polizebeamten, an organization of police officials responsible for the suppression of internal revolt. During the Second World War Daluege became second in command to Reinhard Heydrich in the Schutzstaffel, SS..

When Hans Frank failed to take sufficient action after the assassination of Heydrich in May, 1942, Adolf Hitler’s (did you knowand Heinrich Himmler sent Daluege to Praque  and appointed him as Protector of Czechoslovakia. Although Konstantin von Neurath  was nominally Protector, he had been stripped of his authority in 1941, so Daluege was Acting Protector in all but name. In June 1942, along with Karl Hermann Frank and other SS operatives, Daluege’s reprisals included the destruction of Lidice. The village was razed to the ground and its 173 male inhabitants were murdered and the 198 women were sent to Ravensbrück. Altogether, 256 Czechs were condemned to death for aiding the assassination plot. In May 1943, Daluege became seriously ill after a massive heart attack. In August, he was relieved of all of his day-to-day responsibilities and spent the rest of the war living on a property in western Pomerania given to him by Hitler.

Death and burial ground of Daluege, Kurt Max Franz.


In May 1945, Daluege was arrested by British troops in Lubeck and interned in Luxembourg and then at Nuremberg where he was charged as “a major war criminal”. In September 1946 after being extradited to Czechoslovakia, he was tried for his many crimes against humanity committed in the Protectorate. Throughout his trial, Daluege was unrepentant, claiming that he was beloved by “three million policemen”, only following Hitler’s orders and that he had a clear conscience. He was convicted on all charges and sentenced to death on 23 October 1946. Daluege was hanged in the Pankrac prison in Praque on 24-10-1946, age 48


Daluege is buried on the Ďáblice Cemetery is an honorary burial ground where executed and tortured political prisoners and members of the Nazi resistance are interred, many of them in mass graves. The Reinard Heydrich assassinates Jan Kubis and Josef Gabcik and there group are buried here too in a mass grave    

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