SS Scharführer Werner Karl Duboi, war criminal.


DUBOIS, Werner Karl born 26-02-1913 in Wuppertal, brought up by his grandmother. Eight years elementary school. Worked as joiner, brushmaker, printer and on a farm. Member  of SA since July 1933, NSDAP  and SS since January 1937 (SS-Totenkopfverband Brandenburg).  Driver at SS-Gruppenkommando Oranienburg. Driver and guard at the concentration camp Sachsenhausen. In August 1939 to Aktion T4, was a postwar name for mass murder through involuntary euthanasia in Nazi Germany. Bus driver in Brandenburg and Grafeneck. “Burner” and bus driver in Bernburg (from early 1941 until mid 1941) and Hadamar.  T4. As “burner” he also transported corpses and urns. In late 1941 OT (Organisation Todt)  in Russia as driver for wounded soldiers in Wjasma. In early April 1942 he was ordered to Lublin for service in Aktion Reinhard. Service at Belzec concentration camp: In Belzec from April 1942 until April 1943. There he worked as a truck driver and supervised the Jewish special command at the gas chambers. He gave detailed evidence of how he killed six people in this camp – even remembering after 28 years that he used a 9mm Belgian FN-pistol.  He also supervised the arrival of transports. In one instance, he shot 6 incapacitated Jews on SS Sturmbannführer Chritian Wirth‘s  order, and threw them into the ditch. Early June 1943, after the liquidation of Belzec, he was transferred to Sobibor. Here he supervised the Waldkommando, served at the ramp and the Lazarett. A fellow SS-man typified him as a Draufgänger (daredevil), who stopped at nothing and nobody and was always shooting a lot. He was responsible for the supervision of the Waldkommando in the forest, when five of the Arbeitshäftlinge managed to escape. During the revolt he was heavily wounded at the armoury by axe blows, a knife attack and a shot in the lungs. He had to be treated at the hospital in Chelm Lubelski.

After the war, he was from May 1945 to December 1947 in American captivity. He then worked as a locksmith. In the early 1950s, he remarried, but the marriage remained childless. In the Belzec trial was against Dubois and seven other defendants from August 1963 before the district court of Munich. He was taken out of prison because of the putative emergency in January 1964, although he stated in court that he was under no threat of death. However, he stated that he had been forced by Christian Wirth to have shot six Jews who were no longer able to walk. For Dubois, who was personally sworn in by Adolf Hitler, an order had been law. In the Sobibor trial, Dubois was finally sentenced in 1966 to three years imprisonment for aiding and abetting a joint murder of at least 15,000 people.


SS Scharführer Werner Duboi died 22-10-1971, age 58 in Münster in a free world.