Rudolf Hoss the commander of Auschwitz, good father of five children, told about a gasification


The diligent help of the Sonderkommando’s when declining and bringing the viciims to the gas chambers was strange.  Never have I experienced, nor ever heard that they told them, who were to be gassed, the slightest of what was waiting for them. On the contrary, they did everything to deceive them, and especially those who thought nothing to calm down. Even though they did not believe the SS men, they thought that their own races – because of the language and also for rest – were the Sonderkommando’s always formed from Jews who came from the countries where the actions were in progress – were reliable. They told themselves about life in the camp and usually asked for the stay of acquaintances or relatives who had come with previous transports. It was interesting, what the men of the Sonderkommando preceded them all, with what persuasiveness, with which gestures they underlined their stories. Many women clog their infants in the hopes of clothing. The men of the Sonderkommado were very excited and talked to the women for as long as they took their child. The women thought that the promised disinfection was not good for the children, so they hid them. The clay children usually cried out as they found it strange, but when the mothers, or the men of the Sonderkommando, talked with them, they became calm and playing, plaguing each other, with their toys under the arm entering the gas chambers. I also saw how women who knew or suspected what they were waiting for, with the fear of death, put on the strength to shake their children and to speak kindly to them. A woman came close to me in the passing and whispered me while they were at her four children, holding hands to each other so that the little ones could not overcome unevenness: “How can you get it over your heart to kill these beautiful lovely children? Do not you have a heart in your body? 
An old man forbids me by passing: “This mass murder of the Jews will have to pay Germany heavily. In addition, his eyes sparked hate. Nevertheless, he went courageously into the gas room without worrying about the others. A young woman struck me, who diligently helped out the little children and the older women, keeping them back and forth. She had two small children in her selection, she was already wearing her excited behavior and by her appearance. She did not look like a Jew in at all. Now she had no children anymore. They wandered to the last moment to tell the women with more than one child who had not finished dressing them kindly, restoring the children. With the last one she entered the bunker. In the doorway she stood and said, “I knew from the beginning that we were brought to Auschwitz to be gasified. When the women who were able to work were sought, I took the children with me. I wanted to experience everything consciously. Hopefully it’s going fast. Lebt Wohl ” Live long.
From time to time women also suddenly began to scream at the time of unpacking, pulling their hair off, and acting as insanely. They were quickly taken away and killed by a neck shot behind the house with a small caliber gun. It was also the case that women at the moment that the launder of the Sonderkommando left the gas chamber and they noticed what was happening now, shouting us all possible spoils. I also realized that a woman standing in the gas room when the doors were closed pushed her children outside and shouted, “Please at least live my sweet children!”
There were many shocking scenes that all the attendees addressed. In the spring of 1942 hundreds of blooming people went under the thriving fruit trees of the farmers’ hills, mostly in the gas chambers, in death.

Höss was sentenced to death by hanging on 2 April 1947, age 45.. The sentence was carried out on 16 April next to the crematorium of the former Auschwitz I concentration camp. He was hanged on a short drop gallows constructed specifically for that purpose, at the location of the camp’s Gestapo.




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