Sergeant Hitler the dog lover.


In early 1915 sergeant Hitler adopted a stray dog he named Fuchsl (little fox), who was taught many tricks and became his beloved companion. Hitler described him as a “proper circus dog”. In August 1917 the List Regiment transferred to a quiet sector of the front in Alsace. During the journey, both Fuchsl and Hitler’s portfolio of sketches and paintings were stolen. Hitler, though heartbroken by his loss, did take his first leave, which consisted of an 18-day visit to Berlin where he stayed with the family of a comrade.

  , German sergeant Adolf Hitler’s possible pit bull Fuchsl who earlier accompanied British troops, has mostly been whitewashed from history as purportedly either a fox terrier or a Jack Russell terrier. Small for a pit bull, Fuchsl may indeed have been a large Jack Russell,  but was certainly not a fox terrier. As the story goes, his master was trying to teach him a trick of some sort, but the dog wouldn’t come to attention, so Adolf chased after him (to reprimand him perhaps!), and at the moment when he left the area where he and some comrades where sitting, a shell exploded killing almost everybody there.

The famous “terrier”, Fuchsl, who was Hitler’s WWI companion, probably started it all off for young Adolf, who quickly grew attached to his faithful four legged companions. A few years after WWI, a German Shephard named Prinz, became Hitler’s companion in 1921. Due to a lack of funds, Hitler was forced to give away Prinz, but the dog ran away from his new owner and found his way back to his former master. An event that helped strengthen Hitler’s appreciation for loyalty no doubt! He later also owned another German Shephard called 

Hitler loved the loyalty and obedience of dogs, and through his lifetime owned a number of different breeds.

The German Shepherd breed became his breed of choice, with the most notable of his family being Blondi , gifted to him by Martin Bormann  in 1941. Blondi was to stay by Hilters’ side right through the retreat into the Führerbunker located underneath the garden of the Reich Chancellery on 16 January 1945.

Hitler’s affection for his beloved Blondi extended to allowing her to sleep in the bed beside him in the bunker. The love of German Shepherd’s however didn’t reach his wife Eva Braun who is known to have two Scottish Terriers, named Negus and Stasi.

He later went on to own a succession of German Shepherds, with names like Prinz, Muckl, Blondi, Blonda and Bella.

It’s said that Hitler was so scared of his beloved Blondi being captured by the Russians, he had his personal physician put her to sleep.

It seems that like most men, the dog was the love of his life, Eva is known to have been jealous of the attention Hitler devoted to her and it alleged to kick her beneath the dining table.

Dog’s soon became a status symbol amongst the Third Reich, as their loyalty and obedience, showed them beside Hitler, the Wolf.



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