Wright, Robert Edward “Bob”.

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Wright, Robert Edward “Bob”, born on 09-02-1924, in Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, the son of Bertha and Pearl Wright. After graduating from high school in 1942 Bob joined the 101st Airborne 501st Infantry Regiment, nickname GERNIMO under command of Lieutenant Colonel Ewell, Julian Johnson.

that fall and became a Medic. At 1:25 on June 6, 1944 Robert Edward “Bob”  Wright jumped from a C47 on Angoville Au Plain. With a stretcher bearer, Kenneth Jack “Ken” Moore.   “Ken” Moore survived the war and died 07-12-2014 (lage 90) in Sonoma, Sonoma County, California, The two medics establish an aid station in the village church, which then stood in the middle of the fighting. Robert Wright and Kenneth roamed the fields to evacuate the wounded, in a short time, the modest building had over 80 souls. The enemy made extensive counterattacks, forcing their combat unit of the 501st Infantry Regiment to retreat toward Vierville. However, Robert and Kenneth decided to stay alone in Angoville with the wounded, to treat not only Americans but Germans also. As the two medics treated both, they only required that weapons were left outside the church. For more than 72 hours, Robert Wright and Kenneth Moore labored alone, under dense incoming artillery and mortar bombardment. They accomplished their duty of providing care and comfort in this religious building, defined only by a single red cross flag nailed on the door. Later in June 1944, Robert Wright and his companion Kenneth Moore were decorated for their action with the Silver Star for Gallantry. The ceremony took take place on the Place de la République of Carentan, which was overshadowed by an enemy mortar which mortally wounded a little girl presenting flowers. 17-09-1944, Robert Wright parachuted into Veghel, The Netherlands. He established a first aid station in a convent, where in addition to his Army companions, he treated five Catholic Nuns heavily injured. On 21-12-1944, during the siege of Bastogne

The Battle of Bastogne was a battle during World War II in and around the Belgian town of Bastogne (Bastogne) as part of the Battle of the Bulge. The battle started on December 20, 1944 and lasted until 27-12-1944. The offensive ended in an Allied victory. The battle caused many casualties, both on the Allied and German sides.

The Allies were completely surprised by the German attack and from December 16 to 20, German troops advanced to Stavelot, Sankt Vith, Houffalize and the strategically important traffic junction Bastogne. Ike Eisenhower therefore sent the 101st Airborne Division to the city, led by General Anthony McAuliffe. They arrived there on December 18. Together with them, just before the net closes around Bastogne, a regiment of the 10th American Armored Division, under command of Major General. William Henry Harrison Morris,     the 705th Tank Destruction Battalion and several heavy artillery units sneak in. On December 20, Bastogne was surrounded by the Germans. The Germans did everything they could to conquer the city, which led to the Battle of Bastogne. The delay that the German advance suffered due to the battle for Bastogne proved crucial for the further course of the offensive. On December 22, the Germans – on the initiative of General Fritz Bayerlein

and General Heinrich Freiherr von Luttwitz, against the orders of General  Hasso von Manteuffel

– came up with a demand for surrender. This was followed by the famous answer ‘Nuts’ from the Americans, advised by McAuliffe’s adjutant Harry Kinnard. From December 23 and the following days, the trapped Allies were airlifted while they bombarded the Germans during their siege.


The established an aid station in the basement of a farm at Bizory, where under extreme conditions, he treated a countless number of injuries. He then took an active part in the advancement of liberation troops providing them medical care until the liberation of Europe on 08-05-1945. Robert returned to the United States on 07-09-1945 and married Margaret Writsel on 30-09-1945. They had two children; Sherry and Robert Junior.

Death and burial ground of Wright, Robert Edward “Bob”.

Bob here infront of the St Mere Eglise Church in June 2004 with young 101 Airborne soldiers.

After retiring in 1982, Robert Wright became active in the Methodist Church and devoted to the construction of homes and buildings for charitable organizations and for the poor.Bob died in hospice care at the age of 89 on 21-12-2013 and is now buried in the churchyard in Angoville, France. His tombstone has the initials REW on it.


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