Wolf, Johanna “Wölfin”.

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Johanna Wolf, born 01-06-1900 in Munich , attended primary and commercial school. From 1922 through 1928, she worked for Dr. Alexander Glaser of the Bavarian Diet. Glaser was murdered in the Night of the Long Knives 05-07-1934, age 50. Johanna Wolf then worked for Gregor Strasser
  in the Nazi Party Gau headquarters of Lower Bavaria-Upper Palatinate.  Strasser was also killed in the Knight of the Long Knives, age 42 on 30-06-1934. Wolf joined Hitler’s personal secretariat in the autumn of 1929 as a typist, at which time she also became a member of the Nazi Party. Prior to 1933, she also performed secretarial work for Rudolf Hess
and Wilhelm Brückner
, who at the time was Hitler’s chief adjutant and a bodyguard. He was succeeded by Julius Schaub and Brückner went into the Wehrmacht, becoming a Oberst by war’s end. He died on 18-08-1954, age 69 in Herbsdorf, Upper Bavaria.  When Adolf Hitler(did you know) became Chancellor in January 1933 Johanna Wolf became a senior secretary in his Private Chancellery. While he addressed his other secretaries formally as “Frau” or “Fräulein”, he called her “Wölfin” meaning “She-Wolf” because of his obsession with wolves. She and Hitler had a very close relationship and she was often thought of as the best possible source for people to go about Hitler.
      As a dedicated Nazi she was a trusted member of Hitler’s entourage. She was often ill, and her work rate was questioned, but nobody could do anything about her since Hitler personally protected her. Devoted she remained with him when he withdrew to the Führerbunkerin central Berlin as the Red Army approached. She was so loyal to Hitler that she wanted to die with him in the Führerbunker, but departed because Hitler urged her to leave for the sake of her 80 year old mother. He forced her and others to leave on the last flights out of Berlin. She claimed that Hitler was not aware of all the terrible things that were happening in Germany during his reign, that fanatics exerted more and more influence on him, and that they gave orders Hitler knew nothing about. On 22-04-1945, however, Hitler, having decided to stay and die in Berlin, sent Wolf and Christa Schroeder and the nurse Erna Flegel together with SS Obergruppenführer, Julius Schaub
Hitler”s adjutant, to his house on the Berghof, at Berchtesgaden in Bavaria. They were given the task of burning his personal papers before they could be seized by the Allies. Erna Flegel sometimes acted as a nanny to the Joseph Goebbels  (did you know) and  Magda Goebbelschildren  until their deaths. She met Hitler once when he wanted to thank her. Flegel died in Mölln on 16-02-2006, old age 94. Johanna Wolf was taken prisoner on 23 May in Bad Tölz when the Americans occupied Berchtesgaden.  Together with Schroeder, she remained a prisoner until 14-01-1948. Although Wolf served under Hitler for many years, unlike other secretaries such as the youngest Traudl Junge-Humps
    , she refused to consent to any interviews or reveal any information, even when, during the 1970s, she was offered a large amount of money to write her memoirs. Whenever asked to do so, she stated that she was a “private” secretary and believed it was her duty to never reveal anything about Hitler. When Wolf was taken prisoner, Leni Riefenstahl 
  , a German filmmaker, eventually got her to disclose some information about Hitler. Wolf revealed that people close to Hitler were not able to escape his magnetism until his death, even though he was quite emaciated. She was so loyal to Hitler that she wanted to die with him, and she also claims that Hitler was not aware of all the terrible things that were happening in Germany during his reign, but fanatics exerted more and more influence on him and they made orders Hitler knew nothing about. The Führerbunker was located beneath Hitler’s New Reich Chancellery in Berlin, Germany. Adolf Hitler and his Staff took up residence in the bunker in January 1945 and until the last week of the war it became the epicentre of the Nazi regime. It was here during the last week of April 1945 that Hitler married  Eva Braun  (Braun parents) shortly before they committed suicide, they were carried upstairs to the garden by  Party Chancellery (Parteikanzlei), Martin Bormann and SS Obergruppenführer, Otto Günsche  and burned. The Goebbels couple committed suicide one day later and partial burned too. Wolf told Leni Riefenstahl she really wanted to stay with Hitler at Führerbunker, but she departed because Hitler urged her to leave the Reich Chancellery for the sake of her 80 year old mother and he forced her and others to leave on the last flight out of Berlin.  Wolf moved to Kaufbeuren afterwards and remained friends with Hitler’s pilot SS Obergruppenführer, Johannes “Hans” Baur,
Hitler’s adjutant SS Obergruppenführer, Otto Günsche, the secretaries Christa Schroeder , Traudl Junge and Gerda Daranowski

Death and burial ground of Wolf, Johanna “Wölfin”.

She said about Hitler:

“From his youth onwards Hitler had a great lust to read. He told me one day that during his youth in Vienna he had read through all 500 volumes at the city reference library. This passion for books … enabled him to extend his knowledge into almost all areas of literature and science. I was always amazed at how precisely he could describe any geographical region or speak about art history or hold forth on very complicated technical matters. In the same way he could describe with amazing detail how theaters, churches, monasteries and castles were build. ” – Christa Schroeder

“Hitler hated snow, and sunshine made him feel bad. He did not like the sun and had bought the Berghof precisely because it was situated on the north side of the Obersalzberg. The house was in shadow all day, and the thick walls made sure no warmth got through from outside. … Hitler’s clothing was purely functional. He hated trying things on. … From 1933 Hitler avoided personal contact with money which seemed in some way repugnant to him. Before 1933, when paying off a taxi, he would always give a big tip ‘almost equivalent to the fare.'” – Christa Schroeder

“Hitler never spared himself. He would reject tiredness and would call upon endless reserves of energy. He was a prisoner to the delusion that an iron will could succeed everywhere.” 

Johanna Wolf died at the old age of 84 in Munich, on 28-06-1985 and is buried on the Ostfriedhof of Munich, the opposite grave is of the publisher of “Mein Kampf” and Hitler’s WWI sergeant, Max Amann,
further away the Nazi doctor SS Gruppenführer, Karl Gebhardt, Generalmajor der Kavallerie, Rudolf von Gersdorff, he wanted to blow himself together with Hitler, SS Gruppenführer, Johan Rattenhuber,  Nazi Banker, Hjalmar Schacht Hitler’s adjutant SS Obergruppenführer, Julius Schaub, SA leader, August Schneidhuber victim of the Night of the long Knives, Flyer Ace General der Flieger, Werner Streib. Alas the gravestone of Johanna Wolf was removed as we visited the cemetery in August 2013.

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