Bruns, Walter Felix Alfred Ludwig.

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Bruns, Walter Felix Alfred Ludwig.
Bruns, Walter Felix Alfred Ludwig. born on 11-12-1889 in Hanover, Niedersachsen, 8 months after Hitler (see Hitler parents (see William Hitler). He entered the Army, as a Fähnrich in the 174th Infantry Regiment and discharged to the Reserve on 20-12-1910, age 21. Bruns was more then three years Military Instructor of the Machine Gun Firing School in Buenos Aires, Argentina, until the outbreak of World War I. He returned to Germany and reactivated in the Army Service with the 9th Fortress Machine  Gun Battalion and was in the fields of the first war to 11-06-1915, as an Oberleutnant. He ended the war as a Hauptmann with the 904th Air Defence Machine Gun Battalion. He remained in the new 10 division Reichswehr,  promoted to Major on 01-04-1933, Oberstleutnant on 01-11-1935 and Oberst on 01-04-1938, with the command of the II Battalion of the 46th Infantry Regiment and started World War II, as commander of the 21st Infantry Regiment, but shortly after on 01-10-1939, he landed not useful for Hitler’s war fare, in the Führer Reserve.. He was for two years the Military Attache in Lisbon and Madrid, until 01-10-1941 and again in the Führer Reserve (see Adolf Hitler (did you know), from 01-10-1941 until 21-06-1942, eight months. Then detached  to Senior Field Command and leader Senior Field Command 270 to 25-06-1942, at the same time Battle Commander of Gent in Belgium, to 25-09-1944, from D-Day  06-06-1944. As commander of the 89th Infantry Division, he was in hospital from 14-03-1945 to 08-05-1945 and in Allied captivity until 06-09-1947.

Death and burial ground of Bruns, Walter Felix Alfred Ludwig.

Released Bruns lived in Neckargemünd and died at the age of 77, on 20-02-1967. Walter Bruns is buried on the Stadtfriedhof of Neckargemünd.

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