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Troost-Andresen, Gerdy, born 03-03-1904 in Stuttgart, married Professor Paul Troost who was a favourite architect of Adolf Hitler, (see Hitler parents and Adolf Hitler (did you know) visited his studio often. She was an interior designer. Wife of Hitler’s architect Paul Ludwig Troost and after her husband’s death, 21-01-1934, she continued to enjoy Hitler’s patronage as an art expert. Gerdy Troost served as interior decorator for Hitler’s apartment in Munich, as well as his Berghof residence on the Obersalzberg near Berchtesgaden. She often accompanied Hitler for the grand German art exhibitions in Munich. She compiled a two-volume work on German architecture “Das Bauen in neuen Reich.”
  1937 she was named a professor by Hitler.

Death and burial ground of Troost-Andresen, Gerdy.

 In Gerdy Troost Andresen died old age 93, on 30-01-2003 and is buried with Paul Troost    on the North cemetery of Munich. The Eagle is disappeared from the gravestone. Adolf Hitler visited the grave on time. Close to the grave of the Nazi photographer, Heinrich Hoffmann
  , Hitler’s photographer, his daughter Henriette “Henny” von Schirach Hoffmann and Baldur von SchirachDr. Gustav von Kahr President of the Bavarian court in 1923 during the Putz and some further the youngest secretary of Hitler, Traudl Junge -Humps and Hans, the General der Flieger, Kommandeur Luftwaffe Hongaria, Kuno Fütterer, Bernd Freytag von Loringhoven and Generalleutnant der Artillerie, Commander of the POW in Wehrkreis IV, Erich von Botzheim, Generalleutnant der Infanterie, Commander of the Reichs Institute for Military Air Protection of the Luftwaffe, Wilhelm von Stubenrauch, Hitler’s driver and founder of the SS Oberführer, Emil Maurice, Hitler’s doctor SS Obersturmführer, Dr. Ludwig Stumpfegger  and Generaloberst der Gebirgstruppe, Kommandeur der 3th Gebirgs Division
  Eduard Dietl, he crashed with several other Generals short after visiting Hitler’s Wolfschanze. Two soldiers of the 3th Gebirgs Division , Matthäus Hetzenauer   an Austrian sniper was credited with 345 kills. On multiple occasions he served with fellow sniper Josef Allerberger .  They were able to inflict heavy casualties on Soviet infantry. Hetzenauer was captured by Soviet troops the following month, and served 5 years in routinely appalling conditions in a Soviet prison camp. He died on 03-10-2004, age 79 in Brixen im Thale, after several years of deteriorating health. Allerberger died old age 85, on 01-03-2010 in Wals Siezenheim, Austria.



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