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Pickert, Wolfgang, born 03-02-1897 in Posen, on 02-08-1914 as a war volunteer, joined the Army with the 1st Masurisches Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr. 73. On 07-10-1916 promoted to Leutnant der Reserve. He was wounded in battle and received the wounded badge  and both the Iron Crosses. He remained in the new Reichswehr and became a Oberstleutnant and Chief of Staff of the Air Area Command XIII, in Nuremburg, until the beginning of World War II. He was appointed as the replacement of Oberst, later Generalleutnant der Flieger, Walter von Schwabedissen

    as commander of the 1st Flak Corps and promoted to Oberst on 01-06-1940. Assigned as Chief of Staff of the new Luftwaffe Command Centre in March 1941, responsibly for the defend  of the Fatherland and Berlin, Gauleiter Josef Goebbel (did you know). In spring 1942 he got the command of the 9th Flak Division succeeding General Otto-Wilhelm von Renz and on 01-10-1942 promoted to Generalmajor in the  battles for Stalingrad. General Otto-Wilhelm von Renz survived the war and died 16-01-1968, age 76, in Bad Neuenahr  In January 1943 Pickert’s Division was destroyed, but still awarded with the German Cross in Gold he left from Stalingrad with a plane. He had to report the situation in Stalingrad to Hermann Goering (did you know) but later was partial blamed for this escape from captivity in the surrounding. That’s why Goering didn’t want to see him. He in February 1943 still was appointed to rebuild his division in the Krim and led this new 9th Flak Division in the battles for Kuban-Krückenkopf.

He was promoted to Generalleutnant on 01-11-1943 and again his division was destroyed during battles in the Krim in spring 1944. He was named in the Wehrmacht  Report of 28-04-1944 to have led his division with bravery. He therefore received the Oak Leaves of the Iron Cross on 05-06-1944, one day before D-day, in the West. He was now assigned as Commanding General of the III Flak Corps end Mai 1945 and again promoted now as General of Flak Artillery.

Death and burial ground of Pickert, Wolfgang.

    He landed in Allied captivity on 08-05-1945 and released in 1948 he lived near Weinheim, where he at the old age of 87 died, on 19-07-1984. Pickert is buried with his wife Dorothea, who died age 70, in 1977, on the local cemetery of Lützelsachsen near Weinheim.


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