Barde, Konrad, Badziura.

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Barde, Konrad, Badziura
Barde, Konrad, Badziura, earlier name Badziura, born 13-11-1897 in Alt-Rosenberg, the second of the seven children of Jakob Badziura and Agnes Veronika Widera. The family name at his birth was Badziura, at the urging of the National Socialists he had to change it. He in 1916 entered the Army as a war volunteer in the Artillery Regiment 6, in Breslau. After his education, he was set in on the Western Front on the Somme and Verdun. Awarded with the German Cross I and II , he was promoted to officer. With the armistice he in 1918, Barde transferred his Battery to Königsberg for Demobilisation.
On 01-03-1938 Barde takes over the Command of the Ist Battalion of the Regiment, under the 8th Infantry Division  , under command of General of the Kavallerie, Rudolf Koch-Erpach.  Koch-Erpach died, old age 82, on 28-11-1971 in Bad Boll. With this division he participates in the invasion of Poland, Holland (see Ackermans) and France. As commander of the 102nd Infantry Division,  he as an Oberleutnant joins the invasion of Russia.  Promoted to Oberst and Commander of the Regiment, he on 05-01-1943 is awarded with the Iron Cross  for the heavy battle of Rshew. After a short time in the Führer Reserve (see Hitler) (did you know), he becomes the commander of the 198th Infantry Division, on 18-01-1945. He succeeded Generalmajor der Infanterie, Otto Schiel, Otto Schiel died very old age 94, on 21-04-1990, in Freiburg.

Death and burial ground of Barde, Konrad Badziura.

Shortly after his promotion to Generalmajor, Konrad Barde in the defense of the hospital town, Traunstein, at the age of 47, on 04-05-1945, committed suicide, like many desperated Generals. Barde is buried on the Soldiers Cemetery in Traunstein. On the Waldfriedhof of Traunstein is buried General der Artillerie, Commander of 212th Infantry DivisionTheodor Endres  .


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