Bauriedl, Andreas.

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Bauriedl, Andreas
Bauriedl, Andreas, born 04-05-1879 in Münich , was an early member of the Nazi Party . He worked as a hatter. He was a participant in World War I, in a Field Regiment. Become well known in the unsuccessful Nazi Beer Hall Putsch   in Munich, Bavaria, on 09-11-1923, Adolf Hitler’s  coup d’etat. The Nazi flag was carried by the 6th Company to the Burgerbräukeller, then went on the march to the Feldherrnhalle.
  When the Munich Police opened fire on the marchers, Bauriedl was hit in the abdomen, killing him and causing him to fall on the Nazi flag,   which had fallen to the ground when its flag bearer, Heinrich Trambauer , Trambauer was severely wounded and took the flag to a friend where he removed the flag from the staff and left with it hidden inside his jacket, Bauriedl’s blood soaked the flag. Traumbauer gave the flag to a Karl Eggers, who kept the flag safe. Later the flag was returned to the Nazis, Eggers being the recipient. It was presented to the SS for safekeeping on 09-11-1926, an indication of the importance of the SS as a small but dedicated and faithful organization in contrast to the SA. Trambauer received a fractured skull during a street fight with Communists and never recovered, and died in a psychiatric institute, age 43 on 16-10-1942. SS Sturmbannführer later Standarteführer, Jacob Grimminger
became the sole bearer of the Blutfahne. The Blood Flag, when not used in public, was enshrined at the Braunes Haus Braunes Haus under a special honour guard. The chances are, it was either destroyed in the bombings or stolen by one of the GI’s and it could today be lying in an attic somewhere in the States. Hitler awarded him and all victims with the Blutorden of the NSDAP, a special “Putz Remembrance Medal“,  for old comrades The bodies of Bauriedl and Theodor von Pfordten
another victim, were buried on the Nordfriedhof in Munich, but in 1935 transferred to the Königplatz in Munich, in a honorary temple with the other victims of the 1923 Putz.
       After the war in 1945, the temples were partially destroyed by the Allies and the bodies again transferred to the Nordfriedhof, but the remains of the temples are still there as a witness. Close by Bauriedl’s grave the graves of Heinrich Hoffmann Hitler’s personal photographer, his daughter Henriette von Schirach Hoffmann and Baldur von SchirachDr. Gustav von Kahr President of the Bavarian court in 1923 during the Putz and some further the youngest secretary of Hitler, Traudl Junge -Humps and Hans, the General der Flieger, Kommandeur Luftwaffe Hongaria, Kuno Fütterer, Bernd Freytag von Loringhoven and Generalleutnant der Artillerie, Commander of the POW in Wehrkreis IV,  Erich von Botzheim, the Troost couple Paul Troost  and Gerdy, Generalleutnant der Infanterie, Commander of the Reichs Institute for Military Air Protection of the Luftwaffe, Wilhelm von Stubenrauch, Hitler’s driver and founder of the SS Oberführer, Emil Maurice, Hitler’s doctor SS Obersturmführer, Dr. Ludwig Stumpfegger and Generaloberst der Gebirgstruppe, Kommandeur der 3th Gebirgs Division
  Eduard Dietl,  he crashed with several other Generals short after visiting Hitler’s Wolfschanze. Two soldiers of the 3th Gebirgs Division, Matthäus Hetzenauer
an Austrian sniper was credited with 345 kills. On multiple occasions he served with fellow sniper Josef Allerberger . They were able to inflict heavy casualties on Soviet infantry. Hetzenauer was captured by Soviet troops the following month, and served 5 years in routinely appalling conditions in a Soviet prison camp. He died on 03-10-2004, age 79 in Brixem im Thale, after several years of deteriorating health. Allerberger died old age 85, on 01-03-2010 in Wals Siezenheim, Austria.

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