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Brimble, John Joseph, born 25-11-1915 in Knowle, Bristol, son of William Henry and Emily Annie Brimble, his father was a casual Dock Checker. John joined the RAFVR in May 1938 as an Airman u/t Pilot. He was called to full-time service on 01-09-1939 and posted, after training, to No 4 Ferry Pilot Pool on 16-05-1940.

He was then posted to No 73 Squadron, No 741563, in France on 31-05-1940.

Death and burial ground of Brimble, John Joseph.

Still serving with No 73 Squadron, Brimble was shot down in combat over Tonbridge on 04-09-1940, age 23, by a German squadron. His Hurricane P2542 came down at Parkhouse Farm, Chart Sutton near Maidstone. The aircraft was not identified at the time and partial remains were buried at Bell Road cemetery, Sittingbourne as an Unknown Airman. Brimble was commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial.

These mates from 73th Squadron died, from left: Lionel Pilkinton, age 22, was shot down on 21-09-1941, Reginal Lovett, age 26, shot down and crashed on 07-09-1940 and Newell “Fanny” Orton was shot down 17-09-1941 over Saint Omer and his body was never found.

For many years Sergeant John Joseph Brimble’s partial remains lay in a grave marked as an “Unknown Airman”.  In 1980, as stated above, the crash site was excavated and more substantial remains were found, still in the cockpit. I cannot explain why these remains were not buried in the original grave at Sittingbourne. They were interred at Brookwood.

Postwar research led to the realisation that the remains were of Brimble and a named headstone was installed.

The crash site was excavated on 14-09-1980 and more substantial remains were found, still in the cockpit.

His parents had passed away by this time. His father died 1951 and mother 1976, His only living relative, his brother Donald William Brimble (who also served in the RAF No 364533. in WW2), in consultation with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission decided that the original grave and remains should be left undisturbed.

The 1980 remains were buried with full military honours at Brookwood on 16-10-1980 with his brother present.

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