Florian, Friedrich Karl

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Florian, Friedrich, born on 04-02-1894, in Essen, was the Gauleiter of Düsseldorf in Nazi Germany. The son of an upper course master out East Prussia visited those Six-form High School in meals and District Stallupönen. In the First World War he was an infantry man and flight pilot. Since 1920 Florian was member of the Volks Deutsch protection and Trutzbundes and 1925 stepped into the NSDAP and later in the SA . The Deutschvölkischer Schutz- und Trutzbund, the German Nationalist Protection and Defiance Federation, was the largest, most active, and most influential anti-Semitic federation in Germany after the First World War, and one of the largest and most important organizations of the German völkisch movementduring the Weimar Republic (1918-1933), whose democratic-parliamentary system it unilaterally rejected. Its publishing arm put out some of the books that greatly influenced the opinions of those who later organized the Nazi Party, such as Heinrich Himmler Reinhard Heydrich Julius Streicher  and after the Bund folded (c. 1924) many of its members eventually joined the Nazis. He worked as Gauleiter of the Düsseldorf Gau from 01-01-1930 to 08-05-1945, eight days after Adolf Hitler’s death.  During this time, he was also a member of the Reichstag. On 01-05-1936, he was appointed to the Reich leadership.
   On 25-09-1933 he became an SA Gruppenführer and on 30-01-1937 an SA Obergruppenführer. Popular Adolf Hitler (did you know) he survived the “Nights of the long Knives” as their SA leaders Ernst Julius Röhm Edmund Heines  and August Schneidhuber      were killed. Florian ordered the Hitler Youth in his region, without descant weapons, to battle against the Allied tanks until the end and never found himself guilty for war crimes.
   From the Düsseldorf Hitler Youth only 2 survived. His son Arnim was killed in battle, age 21 in 1945. After the war Friedrich was interned as a war criminal in 1951, but soon released by the Americans. He clearly was a real Nazi being a member of Hugo “Werner” Naumann   National Socialistic Circle. He till his death had close contacts with other former high NSDAP members, he didn’t regret anything he did in the war, was what he told to everyone who wanted to listen.

Death and burial ground of Florian, Friedrich Karl.

   Florian lived in Unterbach, Düsseldorf and died at the old age of 81, on 24-10-1975 and is buried with his wife Editha, who died age 70 in 1992 on the Unterbach cemetery. Werner Farwick sent me the grave pictures, with thank.

Cemetery location of Florian, Friedrich Karl.


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