Schneidhuber, August

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Schneidhuber, August, born 08-05-1887 in Traunstein, was a WWI veteran, started as Fahnrich with the 1st Foot Artillery Regiment, finished the war as a Major and became a farmer. In 1928, Schneidhuber became a SA Führer , assigned from 1929-1931 to Führer of the SA Gruppe South, Munich. 1931 Führer der SA Gruppe West, in Koblenz and from 1932 Führer der SA Obergruppe VII, Munich. Schneidhuber became in 1932 member of the Reichstages, Wahlkreis Hessen-Darmstadt and was in 1933 Police President in Munich and friend of SA leader, Ernst Röhm 1934 SA-Obergruppenfuhrer und Fuhrer der SA-Obergruppe VII Schneidhuber was personally arrested by Adolf Hitler (did you know) in Munich at dawn on 30-06-1934 and taken by the SS to the Stadelheim prison (cell 504). Schneidhuber didn’t agree with the homosexual activities of Ernst Röhm and was married with the Jewish Ida Franziska “Franzi” Wassermann  (* 7. Juni 1892 in München), the couple had two children and divorced in 1920. Ida landed in the concentration camp Theresienstadt, survived and was liberated on Mai 1945. She died in 1978. Schneidhuber’s second marriage was with Annemarie Wölberlin,   In prison Schneidhuber was soon joined by other members of the SA leadership. The Night of the long Knives. After brief formalities Hitler signed the death warrants for Schneidhuber and four other high SA leaders. Wilhelm Schmid, age 45,  Hans Hayn, age 37,  Hans-Adam Otto “Peter”, age 34  Edmund Heines and Hans Erwin von Spredi, age 25 . The sentences of execution were carried out the evening of the same day by an SS squad under the direct command of SS Oberstgruppenfuhrer, Sepp Dietrich.

 Schneidhuber’s last words were reportedly addressed to Dietrich: “Comrade Sepp, this is madness! We are innocent!” Sepp’s reply : “You have been condemned to death by the Fuhrer for high treason. Heil Hitler!” Schneidhuber is buried on the Ostfriedhof of Munich.

Close by the graves of Hitler’s WWI sergeant Max Amann,  further away the Nazi doctor SS Gruppenführer, Karl Gebhardt, Generalmajor der Kavallerie,  Rudolf Gersdorff, he wanted to blow himself together with Hitler, SS Gruppenführer, stayed in the Führerbunker till the end, Johan Rattenhuber, Nazi Banker, Hjalmar Schacht, Hitler’s adjutant, SS Obergruppeführer, Julius Schaub, Flyer Ace Oberst, Kommandeur ./N.J.G.1 ,  Werner Streib and Hitler’s secretary, Christa Schroeder and  secretary, Johanna Wolf.


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