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Eddleman, Clyde Davis, born 17-01-1902 in Orange, Texas, in 1924 graduated from the United States Military Academy , receiving his commission in the Infantry. Eddleman went to Australia with General, Commander Sixth Army . borne in Flatow Germany, Walter Krueger in early 1943 as Assistant Chief of Staff, G-3, and remained there until 1945. He participated in all of Sixth United States Army’s campaigns, including the occupation of Japan. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for his activities in the Leyte and Luzon Campaigns and the Silver Star for reconnaissance under fire at Biak, Leyte, and Manila. He was commander of the 4th Infantry Division, the division’s casualties during the European campaign, 2.611 killed in action and 9.895 wounded in action and nicknamed “Ivy Division” File:4 Infantry Division SSI.svg . Eddleman was promoted to Brigadier General at the Leyte beachhead. He participated in the first four months of the American military occupation of Japan and was then called to Washington by General Douglas MaxArthur to serve as an Army representative on the joint Federal agency review of the war effort.

Death and burial ground of Eddy, Manton Spraque.

 General Clyde Davis Eddleman, a former Vice Chief of Staff of the Army, died of respiratory failure, on 19-08-1992 at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington. He was 90 years old and lived in Arlington, Virginia. He is buried with his wife Lorraine, born Heath, who died old age 95 in 1999, on Arlington National Cemetery, in Section 7 A next to 101st Airborne File:US 101st Airborne Division patch.svg General Maxwell Davenport Taylor , For their efforts during World War II, the 101st Airborne Division was awarded four campaign streamers and two Presidential Unit Citations. The division suffered 1.766 killed In action; 6.388 wounded In action; and 324 died of wounds during the War II. Also buried in Section 7 A, Joe “Barrow” Louis the box champ and WWII technical sergeant, actor, and marine man, Private, 4th Marine Division, nickname “Fighting Fourth” , Lee Marvin, Flying Ace, Lieutenant Colonel,  “Papa” Boyington, General, Commander Combat B 7th Armored Division, Bruce Clarke and Air Force Major General, “Doolittle Raid” on Japan, James “Jimmy” Doolittle . Close by the grave of Major, 3rd platoon, Baker Company, 1st Battalion, 15th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division Audie Murphy   the most decorated American soldier.

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