Clössner, Erich Philipp Karl Albert Reinhard.

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Erich Clößner, born 17-09-1888 in Giessen joined the 9th Rheinische Infanterie Regiment Nr 160 in Bonn , as a Lieutenant,  age 18. He is wounded  in hospital and ends the first war as officer for Special Tasks, in the XXV. Reservekorps. Clössner is allowed in the new Reichswehr , with only 2 cavalry and 8 infantry divisions, and climbed up to the Generalleutnant and Wehrersatz-Inspekteur in Innsbruck, at the beginning of World War II. After the Poland invasion  he is assigned as commander of the 25th Infantry Regiment and as a successful commander on the Western front awarded with the Ritterkreuz , on 19-09-1940. On 25-01-1942 he becomes the commander of the III. Armeekorps and on 16-03-1942 promoted to General of the Infantry.  Clössner lands in the infamous Führer Reserve  on 07-08-1943, but gets the command of the IX. Armeekorps, their first commander was on 01-10-1934, Generaloberst der Waffen SS, Friedrich Dollmann
   . where he succeeded Generalleutnant der Infanterie, Hans Schmidt   Schmidt died age 71, on 05-06-1948, in Stuttgart. Succeeded by General der Artillerie, Commander Feld Artillerie Regiment 40, Rolf Wuthmann
  and again temporary in the Führer Reserve (see Adolf Hitler) (did you know) from 03-12-1943 and Chief of Sonderstabes I in the OKH . His son Lieutenant Wolfgang was killed in action, age 22, in 1943 in Russia. From 04-12-1944 until 01-01-1945 in the Reserve, then transferred to the Reichspropaganda-Ministerium  and in captivity from 08-05-1945.

Death and burial ground of Clössner, Erich Philipp Karl Albert Reinhard.

    Released in 1947, he lived in Braunfels, Bodensee and died at the old age of 87, on 28-03-1976 in Konstanz, Claude Dornier, the war airplane builder, is buried here.
      Erich Clössner, high decorated, is buried with his wife Irmgard, born Hinneberg, who died age 61 in 1965, on the small cemetery of Braunfels.

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