Döhren, Georg von

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Döhren, Georg von, born on 23-05-1884, in Hamburg, joined the Army as a Fahnenjunker on 16-09-1903, age 20, in the 49th Infantry Regiment. He was on the battlefields of the first war, retired on 14-10-1919 and joined the Police Service . Döhren was reactivated in the fast growing Reichswehr  and at the outbreak of World War II, heas an Oberst was commander of the 313th Infantry Regiment. He on 01-07-1941 is promoted to Generalmajor and delegated with the command of the new formed 712th Infantry Division File:712th Infanterie-Division Logo.svg, from 03-05-1941 until 16-04-1942, in France. He is succeeded by Generalleutnant der Infanterie, Friedrich Wilhelm Neumann
   In September 1944, the division was defending the banks of the Sheldt river near Antwerp when it was attacked by Poles serving under General Guy Simonds  After suffering heavy casualties when the Allied forces made their way into the Netherlands. Von Döhren lost his command to General Joachim von Siegroth 428px-Joachimv.Siegroth  Joachim von Siegroth was listed as missing in action during the Battle of Halbe, age 48, in May 1945. Neumann lands in the Führer Reserve (see Adolf Hitler (did you know) to 01-06-1942. Von Döhren then becomes commander of the POW’s Military District VI. He is in the infamous Reserve again on 16-04-1944 and not useful for Hitler’s war fare retired on 31-01-1945, age 60 (see Alois Hitler  (see William Hitler).

Death and burial ground of Döhren, Georg von.

He lived in Stuttgart till he at the old age of 80 died on 20-01-1965. Generalmajor Georg von Döhren is buried with his wife Pauline, born von Graeve, who died old age 90, in 1973, on the cemetery of Gablenberg, a suburb of Stuttgart.

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