Boehm, Hermann Paul Rudolph .

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Boehm, Hermann
Boehm, Hermann Paul Rudolph , born 18-01-1884 in Rybnik, the son of the school councilor Dr. phil. Richard Boehm and his wife Emma, born Altdorfer Hermann joined the Kaiserliche Marine on 01-04-1903 as a cadet, age 19 and did his basic training on SMS Stein and transferred to the Line cruiser “Wittlesbach”  and on 28-08-1906 promoted to Leutnant zur See and Oberleutnant on 13-10-1908. With the outbreak of the first war he was as Oberleutnant zur See the commander of Torpedoboat V-160. He was promoted to Kapitänleutnant on 19-09-1914 and during the First World War commanded various torpedo boats, the G-37, G-41, V-69 and the V-128. From 28-07-1918 assigned to the Staff of the Marine Station of the Nordsee as an Adjutant, with the command of the Torpedo Division boat D-2. On 16-03-1919 he was dismissed from the service, but when the navy was reactivated as the Reichsmarine on 27-08-1920 he was recalled to it, mainly serving in Staff posts and as Navigation teacher on the Marine School Mürwick until 1933. Meanwhile on 01-01-1922 promoted to Korvettenkapitän and on 30-09-1928 as Fregattenkapitän. After his promotion to Kapitän zur See on 01-07-1930 Boehm on 30-09-1932 was appointed to Chief of the Staff of the new formed Fleet Command. On 03-10-1933 Boehm was made the commander of the SMS Hessen for a year, until he was promoted to in the autumn of 1934 and appointed Commander in Chief of the navy’s reconnaissance forces. From 25-08-1936 to 03-08-1937, during the opening stages of the Spanish Civil War, he commanded the German naval forces off the Spanish coast. On 01-04-1937 he was promoted t  o Vice Admiral and put in command of the North Sea Station. Early in 1938 he became a full Admiral and in November the same year Fleet Chief. Shortly after the Battle of Poland on 29-10-1939, Boehm was relieved of command after disagreements with Grossadmiral Erich Raeder  and left without a post for several months. After the invasion of Norway in April 1940, he was made the Commander of German Naval Forces there on 10-04-1940, being promoted to General Admiral on 01-04-1941 the following year.  Boehm here paying tribute to the grave of the  unknown soldier in Lisboa, was awarded with the German Cross in Gold  on 20-11-1941 and on 03-03-1943 he was recalled from Norway and on 31-05-1943 that year officially discharged from active service, effective on the following 1 June. From 01-03-1944 to 31-03-1945 he commanded the inspectorate of the Kriegsmarine’s education programme, at the end of which post he was fully discharged from the Kriegsmarine.
Kapitänleutnant Boehm (residing in Wilhelmshaven) married his fiancée Helene Luise Stein on 11-03-1918 (born 08-3-1896 in Metz, Reichsland Alsace-Lorraine), the war wedding took place in Dresden. Helene was the daughter of the Oberst at disposition (z. D.) Rudolf Stein (residing in Dresden) and Helene, born Hoerisch (deceased in Metz).

Death and burial ground of Boehm, Hermann Paul Rudolph .

 Living in Achterwehr in the region of Rensburg-Eckernförde, Hermann Boehm died at the age of 88 on 11-04-1972 and is buried on the Nordfriedhof of Kiel, Section D. Alas his gravestone is removed but Wolfgang Linke from Frankfurt am Main, visited the cemetery and made some pictures of his cleared graveside. On the Nordfriedhof are also buried Grossadmiral, Erich Raeder of the Navy, General Admiral Walter Warzecha, Generaladmiral and commander of the Naval station Command East, Rolf Carls General Admiral, commander of the SMS “Hessen” Wilhelm Marschall and Kapitän zur See, Chief of the 2nd Räumbootflottille, Gerhard von Kamptz.


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