Bohnstedt, Eberhard Julius Georg Waldemar.

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Bohnstedt, Eberhard Julius Georg Waldemar, born on 22-07-1886 in Kassel, entered the Army as a Fahnenjucker, in the 12th Grenadier Regiment until 01-04-1909. Promoted to Leutnant on 18-08-1905, Oberleutnant on 18-02-1913 and Hauptmann on 24-12-1914 after the start of the first war. He was detached to the War Academy  on 01-10-1912 until 1914  Bohnstedt participated in World War I and ended the war in the General Staff of the 242nd Infantry Division. In 1918, this division participated in the German Spring Offensive, in the region of Montdidier-Noyon . The division was on the defensive thereafter, including during the Allied Hundred Days OffensiveThe division was demobilized in 1919.   Bohnstedt was allowed in the small, 100.00 men new Reichwehr  and was transferred into the General-Staff of the 3rd Division until 1923. Transferred  into the General-Staff of the 2nd Cavalry-Division till 1924. Appointed as Company Chief in the 12th Infantry Regiment until 01-05-1925, meanwhile a Major from 01-02-1925. Transferred into the Army Training Department, T4 in the RWM until 01-10-1925, Assigned to the General Staff of the 3rd Division until 01-10-1929. He then was transferred to the 6th Infantry Regiment until 01-01-1930. Promoted to Oberstleutnant on 01-02-1930 and appointed as commander of the II Battalion of the 6th Infantry Regiment until 1932 and promoted to Oberst on 01-10-1932. He became the Chief of the Air Defence Office in the Reichs Wehrmacht until 01-11-1934. His last command was of the 7th Infantry Regiment, from 01-11-1934 until 30-06-1935 and was retired from the army as not usable for the war plans of the Führer Adolf Hitler (did you know). The age of 60 was the normal retire age in the German Army.
A cousin of Eberhard was Wilhelm Bohnstedt  a German General who commanded the 32rd  Infanterie-Division   during World War II. He was also a recipient of the Knight Cross of the Iron Cross. The Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross was awarded to recognise extreme battlefield bravery or successful military leadership. Wilhelm Bohnstedt was captured in 1945 and was held until 1947 and died 11-08-1947 age 58 in Hameln. In the winter of 1941 the 32rd Division was trapped in the Demyansk Pocket along with the 12th, 30th , 123rd  and 290th  Infantry Divisions, and the SS Division Totenkopf , as well as RAD , Police, Todt organization and other auxiliary units, for a total of about 90.000 German troops and around 10.000 auxiliaries. Their commander was General der Infanterie Walter Graf von Brockdorff-Ahlefeldt download (1), commander of the 2nd Army Corps. Brockdorff-Ahlefeldt became ill in November 1942 and returned to Germany. He died in a hospital in Berlin-Zehlendorf on 09-05-1943, age 55. Brockdorff-Ahlefeldt himself was a descendant of Danish-Holsteiner nobility .

Death and burial ground of Bohnstedt, Eberhard Julius Georg Waldemar.

He retired in Wiesbaden and Generalmajor Eberhard Bohnstedt died at the age of 71, on 03-10-1957. He is buried with his wife Kate, born Westrum who died young age 64 on 24-10-1958,  on the Südfriedhof of Wiesbaden, Section A1, close to the  WWII General der Infanterie, Commandeur der 76th Infanterie Division, Erich AbrahamGeneral der Artillerie/Flieger. Kommandeur der 4th Panzer Heeresgruppe, Alexander Andrea
   Generalmajor der Artillerie, Kommandeur der 145th Artillerie Division, Rudolf Henrici, Generalmajor der Infanterie, Director of Replacement Army Corps XII, Max von Basse, Generalmajor der Flieger, Kommandeur III Luftwaffe Ersatz Battalion, Wolf von Biedermann, Generalleutnant der Panzertruppe, Kommandeur der LIX Armee Korps, Hellmuth von Chevallerie, Hauptsturmführer der Waffen SS, Kommandeur 10th SS-Panzer-Division Frundsberg , Lothar Debes, Generalleutnant der Infanterie, Kommandeur 153th Feld Division, Karl Edelmann, Generalmajor der Infanterie, Kommandeur der 560, Besancon, Paul von Felbert, Generalleutnant Inspekteur der Artillerie, Kommandeur 106th Infanterie Division , Werner Forst, Generalmajor der Pioniere, Kommandeur der 87th Grenadier Battallion, Hans Halke, General der Infanterie, Kommandeur General VII AK, Ernst Hell, Generalmajor der Flieger, Kommandant Flughafen Bezirk 8/VI, Anton HeidenreichHeydenreich, Leopold Generalstabarzt der Wehrmacht, Dr. Walter Kittel, Generalmajor der Infanterie, Kommandeur Schule Infanterie /Kavallerie, Kurt Lindner, Generalleutnant der Flieger, Lufwaffe Ersatz Division, Franz Nowak, General der Polizei, Oskar Wantke and Generalleutnant der Infanterie, Kommandeur of Magdeburg, 1944, Hans Zanthier.
 Zanthier, Hans Georg von The World War I flyer aces Red Baron Manfred von Richthofen and brother Lothar.

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  1. also was a teacher in the militar school of “El Salvador” imparting the class “El Arte de la Guerra” (the art of war) them became the director of the same school(1938), and later a General in the army of El Salvador (im really sure that in the picture of gravestone something is written about that), later was fired by Maximiliano Hernandez (President of el salvador at that time) by U.S. Pressure.

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