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Vierling, Albert, born 30-09-1887 in Weiden, Pfalz, entered the Army, age 20, on 31-07-1907, with the Bavarian Telegraph Detachment in Munich. At the same time he visited the War School in Munich. On 26-05-1909 he was assigned as Platoon Leader in the 82nd Bavarian Telegraph Battalion . He started a pilot training on the Military Flying School in Doberitz , on 26-09-1911, With the start of the first war he as a pilot with the 1st Bavarian Flying Battalion was on the front and wounded in July 1915 . He ended the war as a Hauptmann and had received both classes of the Iron Cross  for his achievements, as well as the 4th Army Class with swords . Vierling remained in the new Reichswehr  after the war and retired on 31-12-1920. He became managing director with the Bavarian Sports Flight GMBH. Vierling was reactivated in Adolf Hitler’s (did you know) and Hermann Goering’s (did you know) growing Luftwaffe on 01-01-1934. At the beginning of World War II he was Commander of Special Purpose Air Region Staff 4 and had the command of Luftwaffe Supply in Poland, until 31-12-1939. He was appointed with the same command of Group 12, to 22-10-1941. With Operation Barbarossa he became Commanding General and Commander in Field Air Region Rostov-Don till June 1943. He stayed in Russia as Commanding General and Commander in Field  Air Region XXV, Southern Russia, until 15-08-1944. Retreated from Russia he was Commanding General and Commander in Air Region 1, in Königsberg, where General der Infanterie, Defender of “Festung Königsberg”, Otto Lasch   had the Wehrmacht Command, until 02-02-1945. Vierling then landed in the Führer Reserve, not useful anymore and retired, age 47, on 30-04-1945.

Death and burial ground of Vierling, Albert.

Living in Gräfeling near Munich, Vierling died at the old age of 81, on 09-04-1969 and is buried with his wife Thea, on the cemetery Grosshaderstrasse, in Gräfeling. On this cemetery are also buried the Generalleutnant der Flieger, Kommandant von Bohemië und MoraviëMax Ziervogel
  , Generalleutnant der Infanterie, Commander of the 147th Division, Karl Held, Generalleutnant der Kavallerie, Moritz Faber de Baur, Generalleutnant der Infanterie, General der Flieger/Artillerie, the high commander of Feldkommandeur 569, in Wolhynien, Friedrich Haselmayr, Nazi jurist, Edmund Wachenfeld, the Nazi jurist, Theodor Maunz and Hitler’s former driver and look a like , SS Brigadeführer, Julius Schreck.


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