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Dörffler, Ernst, born 03-10-1890 in Eschwege, entered the Army as a Fahnenjunker and Company Officer in the 25th Pioneer Battalion on 01-10-1910, age 19. From 01-10-1913 he was the Leutnant in the 29th Pioneer Battalion and detached to the Military Technical Academy to 01-08-1914 With the start of the first war he was the Platoon Leader in the 1st Replacement Company of 5th Pioneer Battalion until 17-12-1914 and assigned as Platoon Leader in the 2nd Replacement Company of the 6th Pioneer Battalion. From 19-11-1915 he now an Oberleutnant was transferred to the Army Flight Park 6A and from 06-02-1916 detached to the Observer School in Königsberg to 16-03-1916. He started a pilot training on 02-08-1916 with the Flying Replacement Battalion 10, until 01-12-1916.  He became  the Officer with Special duties with the Flying Battalion A282. To 30-08-1918 detached to the 254th Territorial Field Artillery Regiment until the end of the war, meanwhile a Hauptmann. He was transferred to the Police Service as Commander of the Police Flying Squadron Central Germany, in Gotha. He stayed in the Police Service until 01-10-1937 and transferred to Goering’s new Luftwaffe Service as Officer with Special Duties in the RLM and Chief of Staff until 31-03-1938, now an Oberst. From 01-07-1938 Quartermaster and Commander  of Air Equipment Office in Schwerin, with Air Region Command XII., to 04-10-1939 as World War II already had started. Successive commander of Air Equipment Group VIII to Mai 1940, of Group Holland, Norway en Kiev, to 09-09-1942 meanwhile a Generalmajor, of Group Kharkov to 07-05-1943, now a Generalleutnant and landed in the Führer Reserve from 07-05-1943 until 30-07-1943. Appointed to Commander of Air Equipment Group West France, former commander Otto Zech
  until mid 1944. Again in the Führer Reserve OKL and temporary detached as Commanding General and commander in Air Region VI to end 1944. His last position was as director of a Straggler Collection Office in Air Region XI in Hamburg to 05-05-1945, as he landed in British captivity to 23-05-1947.

Death and burial ground of Dörffler, Ernst.

Released Dörffler lived in Bochum where he at the age of 79 died on 17-08-1970 and is buried in a family grave on the Hauptfriedhof of Bochum, Section I.


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