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Vera Salvequart


28 year old Vera Salvequart was born on the 26th of November 1919 in Wonotsch in Czechoslovakia and had trained as a nurse.  She  had also served several periods in prison for having relationships with Jewish men. She had not been an SS guard, but rather a prisoner herself in Ravensbrück.  She was sent to Konzentration Camp Ravensbrück in December 1944 and as a Kapo worked as a nurse in the camp’s hospital wing. Here she was said to have administered poison in form of a white powder to some 50 of the patients, of whom 12 died.  She claimed to have stolen plans for the V2 rocket and passed these to Britain.
Vera Salvequart petitioned the King for a reprieve in view of her passing secrets to the British.  She was granted a stay while this was considered but the Royal prerogative of mercy was withheld and on Thursday the 26th of June 1947 she followed the other three to the gallows.  She was the first of thirteen prisoners to be hanged that day by Albert Pierrepoint,    assisted by Regimental Sergeant Major Richard Anthony O’Neill, the execution being carried out at 9.03 am.

Mackintosh Berney-Ficklin  who feared German martyrdom, ordered that Vera and the other hanged were buried in the Hamelin prison yard. Berney-Ficklin died age 68 on 17-02-1961 in Cape Town.

In 1954 Vera Salvequart  and all other war criminals are reburied in holy ground at Am Wehl Cemetery. The graveyard had graves with crosses but after many discussions about the Neo Nazi visits, on 05-03-1986 all 200 Iron Crosses were removed and the graveside is now a grass field.





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