Wissmath, Walter.

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Wissmath, Walter
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Wissmath, Walter, born 18-11-1895, was a Generalleutnant of the Wehrmacht. He was commander of the 19th Volksgrenadier Division. Wissmath was the commander from the 19th Infantry Division  from 01-08-1943 until 15-07-1944 as a Generalmajor, succeeding Generalmajor Otto  Ehlfeldt,  Ehlfeldt survived the war and died 23-10-1982, age 87 in Bad Schwartau. The 19th Infantry Division was a formation of the German Wehrmacht during World War II. Originally formed 01-10-1934 as Artillerieführer VI in Hanover, the division was renamed 19th Infanterie-Division on 15-10-1935. Mobilized on 25-08-1939 the division participated in the Invasion of Poland  and the Battle of France. After the French campaign, the division was reorganized as a tank division and on 01-11-1940 was renamed 19th Panzer-Division . In July 1941, the 19th Panzer-Division moved to the central sector of the Eastern front until December 1942, when it was transferred south. It was pushed back though Ukraine and Poland and surrendered in Czechoslovakia in May 1945. Former commander was General der Panzertruppe, Otto von Knobelsdorf
     from 01-02-1940 until 01-11-1940. Wissmath was promoted to Generalmajor on 01-08-1943 and to Generalleutnant on 01-08-1944

Death and burial ground of Wissmath, Walter.

Retired as a Generalleutnant Walter Wissmath lived in the beautiful town of Garmisch Partenkirchen       where he at the age of 76 died on 30-10-1972. He is buried with his wife Ottilie, born Hayne, who died old age 90, on 04-01-1997, on the Stadttfriedhof of Garmisch and his colleagues there are Generaloberst der Infanterie, Chief of the Troop Office, Wilhelm Adam Generalleutnant der Gebirgstruppe, Commander of the 1st Mountain Division Walter Ritter Stettner von Grabenhofen, Generallieutenant der Infanterie, Stadt Commander of Dresden Robert Schlüter, Korvetten Kapitän Carl Daehnke and Wannsee Conference participant Eric Neumann.


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