Sultan, Daniel Isom.

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Sultan, Daniel Isom.
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Sultan, Daniel Isom., born 09-12-1885 in Oxford, Mississippi, graduated from the US Military Academy in 1907 and was commissioned officer in the Corps of Engineers. Prior to World War I, he served in the Philippine Islands and was in charge of the construction of fortifications on Corregidor. In 1918, he was assigned to the War Department General Staff in France. From 1929 to 1931, he commanded troops during a survey of the proposed Inter-Ocean Canal route through Nicaragua. In 1934, he presided as a Commissioner of the District of Columbia, was promoted to Brigadier General in July, 1939 and was in command of the 38th Infantry Division, nickname Cyclone”   at the beginning of World War II.  The 38th Infantry Division had the next casualties: total battle casualties: 3,464, killed in action: 645wounded in action: 2,814 and  missing in action: 5.

Following his command of the VIII Corps, he was ordered to the China-Burma-India Theater in 1943, to act as Deputy Commander under General Joseph Stilwell. He was promoted to Lieutenant General in September 1944 and became Commander of the India-Burma Theater in October 1944.

Death and burial ground of Sultan, Daniel Isom.

          Returning to the United States in June, 1945, he was appointed Inspector General of the Army in July and passed away while in office, age 61, on 14-04-1947 and is buried with his wife, Florence, born Braden, who died age73, in 1957, on West Point Cemetery, New York, Section 2. Close by the grave of Brigadier General, “ Merrills Marauders “ in Burma, Frank Merrill. and General, Lucius ClayGeneral, “Omaha Beach” , D-Day. Norman Cota

, Lieutenant General of the 82nd Airborne Division , James Gavin. Casualty figures for the 82nd Airborne Division, European theater of operationstotal battle casualties: 6,993 and deaths in battle: 1,509.


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