Stolberg-Stolberg, Christoph Klemens Maria Johannes Baptist Graf zu.

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Stolberg-Stolberg, Christoph Klemens Maria Johannes Baptist Graf zu, born 22-01-1888 in Westheim , Westphalia, was a German Generalmajor from the Harz region Stolberger count family. 799px-Rittergut_Westheim_Sammlung_Duncker  He was the son of Hermann Joseph Graf zu Stolberg-Stolberg , he died age 71, on 16-06-1925 and Ida Gräfin von Orsini und Rosenberg, she died age 64 in 1955. Christoph had two brothers  Josef Graf zu Stolberg-Stolberg and Georg Ernst Maria Karl Joseph Anton zu Stolberg-Stolberg, Graf, He was married with Ida Gräfin von Orsini Rosenberg , she died 23-09-1955 (63) in Weilheim. The couple had no children.

Christoph joined the Army service and became a Oberstleutnant on 01-03-1937 and an Oberst on 01-03-1940 with the command of the 139th Infantry Division, in Mai 1940, with Operation Gelb,  the attack on Holland (see Jan Ackermans) ( see Holland). Belgium and France. One month Commander of the 160th Infantry Division in Kopenhagen from 01-07-1943 and from 01-08-1943 commander of the 721th East Troops. Promoted to Generalmajor from 01-09-1943 he got the command of the 7th Army File:Deut.7.Armee-Abzeichen1944.gif in the East from 15-11-1943. The 7th Army was activated in Stuttgart on 25-08-1939 with Waffen SS General, Friedrich Dollmann

   in command. At the outbreak of the war, the 7th Army defended the German border and manned the Westwall

  in the Upper Rhine region. At the start of the Campaign in the West in 1940, the 7th Army was part of Generalmarshall der Artillerie, Wilhelm Ritter von Leeb’s    Army Group C. On 14-06-1940, Army Group C attacked the Maginot Line  after it had been cut off by armored units of the XXXXI Panzer Corps.  Lead elements of the 7th Army reached the area in front of Colmar and later pursued parts of the French 2nd Army Group , under command of General Joseph Jean de Goislard de Monsabert

   into Lorraine. General de Goislard de Mosabert died 13-06-1981, aged 93 in Dax, Landes. At the conclusion of the campaign, the 7th Army was in eastern France. From July 1940 until April 1941, the 7th Army guarded a region of the coast in southwestern France. From 18 April 1941, the 7th Army was responsible for coastal defense in Brittany and Normandy. By mid-1944, the 7th Army was part of Erwin Rommel’s Army Group B. From 01-01-1944 until 15-02-1944 he was involved in the battles for Dinant and Bretagne and ordered as defender of Antwerpen and the Schelde mouth from 04-06-1944 after D-Day but had to surrender Antwerpen to the Britisch Forces on 03-09-1944 and landed in captivity. Operation Market Garden then started on 17-09-1944 with Lance corporal 2nd Household Calvary Regiment, Lance Corporal, Jack Brook,

who steps on Dutch soil as first Allied soldier.

Death and burial ground of Stolberg-Stolberg, Christoph Klemens Maria Johannes Baptist Graf zu.


Released Graf zu Stolberg retired in Arnsberg where he at the age of 80 died on 03-07-1968. He is buried on the Waldfriedhof Sunderner Strasse, Arnsberg.


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