Wagner, August.

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Wagner, August
Wagner, August, born 26-01-1884 in Munich, the son of the Chief Inspector of the garrison hospital August Wagner and his wife Babette. On 18-07-1906 he joined as a Fahnenjunker the Royal Bavarian, 3rd Infantry Regiment Prince Charles of Bavaria . On 16-02-1907 he was promoted to Fahnrich and on 09-03-1908 to Leutnant. On 26-09-1910, August Wagner married Berta Kopp. At the beginning of the war, he was a platoon commander in the Machine Gun Company of the Regiment. On 25-09-1914 took over the leadership of the MG Company. On 18-03-1916 he was appointed leader of the MG formations of the 3rd Infantry Division. At the same time he became head of a MG course at the 11th Infantry Division. On 17-08-1916 Wagner became leader of the 2nd MG Company of the Royal Bavarian. 3rd Infantry Regiment Prince Charles of Bavaria and on 04-12-1916 MG officer in the staff of the regiment. Promoted to Hauptmann on 17-04-1917, he was wounded on 04-06-1917 . After his recovery, he was on 18-08-1917 leader of the 3rd replacement MG Company. On 20-01-1918, he returned as MG officer in the staff of the Bavarian 3rd Infantry Regiment. On 18-04-1918 he became battalion leader of the 2nd Battalion of the Regiment. On 15-06-1918 he was transferred to the replacement company of the regiment and on 20-09-1918 commissioned the AOK 19 at the Examination Commission. From 14 to 28 November 1918 Wagner was appointed deputy major in Augsburg, from 18-12-1918 until the end of February 1919 he was leader of the II / Bavarian 3rd Infantry Regiment. On 29-04-1919, he joined the Free Corps  arch villages, before he was taken on 15-11-1919 on the staff of I. / Reichswehr Infantry Regiment 42. On 31-12-1920, the passage from the military service followed. As early as 05-02-1921, Hauptmann Wagner was reinstated in the Kraftfahr-Abteilung 7 in the military service. From March 5 to November 22, 1921, he served with the Reichswehr Infantry Regiment 20 and then returned as a company commander back to the Department of Motor Vehicles 7. On 01-10-1922, he was transferred to the Sanitätsabteilung 7. On 01-10-1925, he returned again to the Automotive Division 7, where he was promoted to Major on 01-01-1929. From 01-04-1930, he was charged with the leading of the department. On 01-10-1930, the transfer to the Medical Department 7 and on 01-11-1930, the use as commander of the Department of Motor 5 followed. After his promotion to Oberstleutnant on 01-04-1933, followed on 01-05-1933, the transfer to the Staff of the 7th Division. On 01-10-1934, he was commander of the Panzerabwehrtruppen VII and promoted to Oberst on 01-04-1935. From 01-04-1938 he was Higher Antitank Officer 5 and on 01-08-1938 he was promoted to Generalmajor. At the beginning of the war, he was promoted to army officer in the 7th Army and on 01-08-1940 to Generalleutnant. On 15-06-1941 he landed in the Führerreserve. At the same time, Wagner was entrusted with the maintenance of the Feldzeug-Inspektion V . On 15-03-1943 he finally became inspector of the Wehr Ersatz-Inspektion Nürnberg. He held this post until the end of the war.  Generalmajor August Wagner was leader of the the 141st Infantry Regiment, which was a XVII Army Corps Unit . Probably he was Commander of the Completion Office of the XVII Army Corps which was responsibly for getting the people out of endangered areas in East Prussia and around Danzig. Information under reservation. Then he was taken prisoner, from which he was released in 1947.

Death and burial ground of Wagner, August.

Living in Tegernsee, Bavaria, after the war August Wagner died at the age of 72, on 13-05-1956 and is buried with his wife Bertha, born Kopp, who died age 73, on 04-10-1962, on the village cemetery of Rottach Egern. Close by the graves of General der Panzertruppe, Kommandeur der 116th Panzer DivisionGraf Gerhard “Gerd” von Schwerin
  and the Generalleutnant der Infanterie, Commander of the 11th Infantry Division Gerhard Feyerabend
   and Oberst der Panzertruppe, Kommandeur Panzer Regiment” Brandenburg”, Goerne Plaue.

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