Roese, Friedrich.

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Roese, Friedrich

Roese, Friedrich, born 21-10-1879, in Eisenach,   joined on 15-03-1898 as a second leutnant in the Imperial Army. Friedrich came here to the 1st Upper-Alsatian Infantry Regiment No. 167th In this he was promoted on 20-07-1897 a second leutnant. In the first decade of the 19th century, Friedrich was promoted to Leutnant. On 27-01-1913, he was promoted to Hauptmann. As such, in 1914 he was appointed Adjutant of the 66th Infantry Brigade. During World War I he was then deployed to various General Staff positions. On 15-07-1918, he was promoted to Major. Not only was he wounded during the First World War, he was awarded a few other medals in addition to both Iron Crosses . After the war, he was taken to the Reichsheer. In this he was employed in the transition army in the spring of 1920 at the Reichswehr Infantry Regiment 13. In the formation of the 100,000-man army, he was then taken over by the 18th Infantry Regiment. There he was deployed in a battalion staff. Later he was transferred to the staff of the 2nd Division of the Reichswehr. There he was then used the next few years. There he was promoted on 01-04-1925 also to Oberstleutnant. As such, he was then transferred in 1926/27 in the regimental headquarters of the 18th Infantry Regiment to Paderborn. On 01-11-1928 he was then appointed commander of the 4th (Preuß.) Infantry Regiment in German Krone. As such, he was promoted to Oberst on 01-03-1929. Also on his promotion to Generalmajor on 01-04-1932, he was still commander of the 4th (Preuß.) Infantry Regiment. On 30-09-1932, he was discharged from active service. On 01-10-1935, he resigned as Generalmajor back into active service. He was now appointed Inspector of Infantry (In 2) in the Reich Ministry of War. As such, he was promoted to Generalleutnant on 01-04-1937. On 01-05-1938 he was again discharged from active duty. On that day he was given the character of a General of Infantry. He was also used in the episode but also. He has now been appointed Chief of Army Museums. The chief of the army museums was assigned as a subordinate department of the OKH the General Army Office (AHA) and had its headquarters in Berlin. A binding work instruction for the chief of the army museums has not been issued. After the establishment of the service and the regulation of various organizational issues, the actual field of activity was mainly in advisory and coordinating activities, where he was responsible for the Army Museum Vienna. With the mobilization he was called back into active service. As a result, he was again appointed Inspector of Infantry (In 2) at the commander of the replacement army. As such, he was on 01-02-1942 General of the Infantry z.V. promoted. On 01-05-1942, he not a battlefield General was released from his post.

Death and burial ground of Roese, Friedrich.

Roese, Friedrich

On 31-07-1942, he was finally discharged from active duty. After the war he, not a battlefield General, lived in Hameln, where he at the age of 87 died on 09 11-1966.. General Friedrich Roese is buried on the Garrison Hammeln. Wolfgang Linke, my friend from Frankfurt am Main found the graveside and sent me the grave photo’s, with thanks.


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