Reijnders, Izaak Herman.

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Reijnders, Izaak Herman, born 27-03-1879 in Stadtskanaal, was the Dutch Chief of Staff in 1934. He was a son of Izaäk Herman Reijnders and Antje Meursinge. After of the the mobilisation of the Dutch Army on 28-08-1939, treatened by German leader Adolf Hitler (did you know) he was appointed to High Commander of the Army and Navy forces. He was the man in charge of the Dutch military high command just prior to the beginning of World War II when he was replaced on 05-02-1940 by retired General Henri Winkelman after an argument with the minister of Defense Adriaan Dijxhoorn.Adriaan_Dijxhoorn Dijxhoorn died 22-01-1953, age 63, in The Steeg, Rheden. The new Dutch commander in 1940 Henri Winkelman here with General Voorst tot Voorst, Winkelmann died, age 76, 27-12-1952 in Soesterberg, had to surrender to the German forces when Holland was attacked on 10-05-1940 and the the bombardement of Rotterdam on 14-05-1940 . Between 13.27 hours and 13.40 hours the big surface bombardment took place on the centre of Rotterdam, Kralingen and the north of Rotterdam. More than 30.000 buildings were destroyed. In total 800 to 900 people died as a result of this bombardment.

The conflict was about the defence line of the Dutch Army, Reijnders wanted to defend from the Peel Raam Position and the Grebbeline (see Jan Ackermans)    and later when neccesary retreat to the Fortress Holland and the New Dutch Water Way, but General Godfried van Voorst tot Voorst Voorst tot Voorst, Jan Joseph Godfried baron van. couldn’t finish the building of these defence lines in time and said that the time to retreat to the Fortress Holland was too short and Dijxhoorn agreed. As General Reijnders wanted to take other commands he at last was replaced by Winkelman, ordered by the Dutch De Geer gouvernement. In 1944 Reijnders was asked to be the commander of the Dutch interior forces, BS, but he refused because he was not asked by the Queen Wilhelmina  herself. The new commander of the interior forces became Henri Koot.

Koot, here after the war with queen Juliana, died age 76, on 18-01-1959, age 65, in Den Haque..

Isaac Herman Reijnders, son of Isaac Herman Reijnders, mayor of the former municipality of Onstwedde (nowadays municipality Stadskanaal) and Antje Meursinge, married in Meppel on 14-07-1908 with Maria Willemina Nysingh, daughter of subdistrict, lawyer and member of the Senate mr. AEJ Nysingh from Meppel. They had one daughter. He died at the age of 87.

Death and burial ground of Reijnders, Izaak Herman.

After the war Reijnders complaned in several brochures to get his right but without result. Reijnders died age 87, on 31-12-1966 in Den Haque and is buried on the cemetery Oud Eik en Duinen in Den Haque.


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