Post, Jacobus Johannes “Koos”.

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Post, Jacobus Johannes “Koos”.born 02-04-1901 in Voorburg, South Holland, to Jacobus Post (1865-1951) and Teuntje van Ardenne (1869-1937).Koos was the youngest child of Jacobus and Teuntje and had four sisters and a brother. Koos was helmsman for the Koopvaardij and in 1940 2nd helmsman on the motor ship (m.s.) “Barendrecht”. On 17-07-1929 Koos, 28 years old, married 27 year old Jobje Johanna Langendoen in Rotterdam..The young couple moved in with Jobje’s parents, above the fishmonger’s shop at Middellandplein 31 B in Rotterdam. From this marriage were born: Jacobus Job (Jack) Post (1930-2000) and Rolf Anton Post (1933-2008). From Rotterdam, Koos was regularly away from home for a long time, both on the high seas in the Dutch East Indies and in the West Indies. The family later moved to Vlaardingen. The m.s. “Barendrecht”, belonging to N.V. Stoomvaart Mij. “De Maas”, which Phs. van Ommeren N.V. was in charge of. The ship, a large tanker, was built on behalf of Van Ommeren on a Danish shipyard and delivered on 12-07-1938. On 21-07-1938 shortly after departure for the 1st voyage to Abadan, Iraq, collided with the Norwegian tanker Belita.

Death and burial ground of Post Jacobus Johannes “Koos”

The “Barendrecht” was one of 900 Dutch merchant ships that were at sea during the capitulation of the Netherlands in May 1940. The ship sailed from July 1940 on charter for the British government, under management with Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Co. Ltd. The “Barendrecht” left Tilbury Docks on the Thames near London on 14-09-1940 to be supplied with further defense resources, steaming to the Northfleet buoys; where it was moored. The following Sunday, September 22, the ship was hit by a direct hit during a German air raid. The bomb, which was of heavy caliber, first hit the chart room, then the quarters amidships, penetrated the main deck and exploded on the port side of tank 4.captain Robert Jacobus Andries Osté (1889-1940) and 2nd mate J.J. Post, seriously injured, as a result of which the latter died on the way to the hospital and Captain Osté in the hospital at Dartford County Kent. At 23:00 a heavy fire broke out amidships at the place where the bomb had hit the ship. An attempt was immediately made to extinguish the fire with ship fire extinguishers and tugboat assistance. At 04:00 am on September 23, the fire was mastered, the entire nave was burnt out. The “Barendrecht” left on 25 September back to Tilbury Docks for repairs. During the manoeuvring, the anchors, machinery and steering gear could not be used, as they had been put out of action during the air raid. At 4 pm the “Barendrecht” was moored at the quay again. After repairs, the “Barendrecht” sailed for the British government as a supply tanker until July 1945and was delivered back to Van Ommeren Shipping on 23-07-1945..

They were buried in Middlesex, United Kingdom. Koos Post and Captain Robert Osté were reburied after the war in the Dutch War Cemetery Mill Hill in London.

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