Losigkeit, Fritz.

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Losigkeit, Fritz.
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Losigkeit, Fritz, born 17-11-1913 in Berlin-Tegel   After his school he choose for the Prussian Police School    but later was chosen to be trained as a pilot. After his pilot training he was stationed with the Jagdgeschwader 132 “Richthofen”. In March 1938 he was send to Spain to join Jagdgruppe 88 under command of Hauptmann Gotthard Handrick and gain combat experience in the Heinkel. Hauptmann Gotthard Handrick, also  winner of the modern pentathlon at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, survived the war and died in 1978, age 70 in Ahrensburg  Losigkeit was shot down by anit-aircraft artillery on 31-05-1938 and taken prisoner of war. He managed to escape in February 1939. After his Spanish ordeal, Fritz Losigkeit was placed with Jagdgeschwader 26, under command of Oberst Eduard Ritter von Schleich

, flying the Messerschmitt Bf 109. Eduard Ritter von Schleich died on 15-11-1947, aged 59 years, from a heart condition. Schleich was buried in Diessen am Ammersee, near Munich. During the Battle for France Losigkeit scored his first kill on 28-05-1940. On 15th September he became an ace after scoring his fifth kill. Now Losigkeit was given command of 2. / Jagdgeschwader 26 . From September 1939 until May 1941 Losigkeit flew with Messerschmitt Bf 109E-1 “Red 1″ W.Nr.2767. He was send to Japan as a Military Attachee in May 1941. Until January 1942 he tought German air battle tactics to Japanese pilots. After his return he formed the Sonderkommando Losigkeit in Norway to support the Kriegsmarine and specific the operations of the heavy cruiser Scharnhorst. This Sonderkommando was ordered by Adolf Galland. After this, Losigkeit took over comand of the IV. / Jagdgeschwader 1 “Oesau” at Berlin-Werneuchen. The Gruppe was later transformed to the I. / Jagdgeschwader 1, operating from several airfields in the West. After this he briefly commanded I. / Jagdgeschwader 26.In June 1943, Losigkeit was transferred to the Eastern front and took over command of III. / Jagdgeschwader 51 nickname “Mölders”” ,  succeeding Oberstleutnant Karl-Gottfried Nordmann , also flying with the Messerschmitt Bf 109. Nordmann survived the war, moved to the USA and died at his home on 22-07-1982 in Greenwich, Connecticut, USA. Nordmann’s wife was named Tina. They had a son, Eric, and a daughter, Corinne.

Death and burial ground of Losigkeit,Fritz.

In April 1944, Losigkeit became Kommodore of Jagdgeschwader 51. His last warposting was Kommodore of Jagdgeschwader 77, succeeding Major Siegfried Freytag in Czechoslowakia. In over 750 sorties he achieved 68 air victories. After World War II, Fritz Losigkeit held several functions in buisiness and politics. In 1946 he becam Secretary in the FDP (Freie Demokratische Partei). . Between 1946 and 1978 he held several posts as buisiness representative and Marketing Manager. Fritz Losigkeit died on 14-01-1994, age 80, at Hünxe, Norther-Rhineland-Westphalia, Germany and is buried with his wife Helga, on the local cemetery of Hünxe.

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