Roth, Hans.

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Roth, Hans

Roth, Hans, born 25-07-1884 in Strasbourg, the son of Wirkl. Privy Councilor Roth and his wife, born Theobald. He joined, age 18, as a Fahnenjunker in the 3rd Under-Alsatian Infantry Regiment No. 138. Here he was promoted to Fahnrich on 27-01-1904 and on 18-10-1905 to Leutnant. From 1907 he was a battalion adjutant and from 1912 regimental adjutant. On 28-11-1914, followed by the promotion to Hauptmann. From 1915 he was then battalion commander of the I. / Reserve Infantry Regiment 238th 1917 he was transferred to the War Office. On  01-10-1919, he was then taken to the Reichswehr Ministry and transferred on 01-10-1920 to the Rifle Regiment 22. From 01-01-1921 he was then company head in the Infantry Regiment 4 and from 01-10-1924 Adjutant at the Infantry School. On 01-10-1926 promoted to Major, Roth was on 01-02-1929 commander of the Second Battalion of the Infantry Regiment 15th On 01-02-1931, the promotion to Oberstleutnant. As of 01-04-1932 he was commander of the military training area Altengrabow, where he was promoted on 01-07-1933 to Oberst. From 01-10-1936, he was Training Manager in Goldap, then in Elbing and then in Gliwice and from 01-10-1938 in Zweibrücken. In 1940 he was commander of the Infantry Replacement Regiment 33, later 112. In 1941, he was then commander of Infantry Regiment 697 and led temporarily representing the 342nd Infantry Division under Generalmajor (Brigadier) Rudolf Wagner. The 299th Infantry Division was formed in March and April 1940 from men from Hesse and Thuringia. The 299th Infantry Division first saw action in the 1940 campaign in France, staying in France until June 1941. From June 1941 the 299th Infantry Division then fought on the Eastern Front at the Southern and Central sectors of the front. The 299th Infantry Division gained distinction while fighting on the Eastern Front in the summer of 1943. In July 1944 the 299th Infantry Division under command of Generalleutnant Hans Junck,   was destroyed in fighting on the Eastern Front, reformed in September 1944. The 299th Infantry Division  was sent back to the Eastern Front and destroyed in Eastern Prussia in February 1945. General Hans Junck died age 73 on 28-11-1966 in Berlin Zehlendorf.

Hans Roth was promoted to Generalmajor on 01-08-1942, he was dismissed from military service in the fall of 1942. At the end of the war, however, he was taken prisoner, from which he was released on 02-10-1947.

Death and burial ground of Roth, Hans.

Living in Darmstadt he died at the age of 71 on 13-11-1961 and is buried with his wife Else, who died at the very old age of 95, on 10-08-1981, on the Alter Friedhof of Darmstadt. Close by the graves of General Field Marshal der Artillerie, Oberbefehlhaber Heeresgruppe Nord, Georg Küchler

  and General der Flieger, Kommandeur der XXXIV Armee-Korps, Hans Felmy   .


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