Stillfried und Rattonitz, Waldemar Bolko Egon Julius Georg Graf von.

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Stillfried und Rattonitz, Waldemar Bolko Egon Julius Georg Graf von, born 08-04-1877 in Neisse, to George Stillfried Rattonitz and Marie Alwin Müller a noble family and Waldemar on 19-10-1907 married Luise Schwerin, born 20-05-1885, and died age 52 in 1900, in Charlottenburg, with whom he had four children: Joachim Hans Georg, Graf Stillfried und Rattonitz, born 13.08.1909, Bergen 19-09-1935, Dieter, Graf Stillfried und Rattonitz, born 07-05-1914, Renate, Gräfin Stillfried und Rattonitz, born 18-10-1916, Werner Friedrich Wilhelm Hans Joachim Albrecht, Graf von der Schulenburg and Bernhard Wilhelm, Graf Stillfried und Rattonitz born 04.07.1921. He was a rifle troop commander in Cameroon in his young years. He joined the Garde-Grenadier-Regiment No 3 . He was promoted to Hauptmann in 1905. He became the commander of the 18th Infanterie Regiment in Paderborn. He retired from the Army on 31-01-1923. He reactivated in the new Wehrmacht on 15-05-1940 as the commander of Erfurt. He landed in the Führer Reserve on 01-03-1941 and not usefull for Hitler warfar retired from the Army.

He lost two sons in the war and living in Bonn, Stillfried und Rattonitz died old age 83, on 10-04-1960 and is buried with his wife Luise, born Schwerin, who died old age 95, on 12-01-191, on the Central Cemetery of Bonn, together with the Generalmajor der Infanterie, General der Technische TruppenHans von Hanstein

 , Generalmajor der Infanterie, Kommandeur POW Camp Dictrict XVII, Lothar von Block, Generalmajor der Luftnachrichtentruppen Heinrich Claes, General der Flieger, Kommandeur Wehrmacht in Holland, Hans Georg Seidel and the defender of fortress Königsberg at the ed of the war, General der Infanterie, Otto Lasch.

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