Black, Frederick Harry.

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Black, Frederick Harry.
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Black, Frederick Harry, born in Meadville, Missouri, on 17-04-1894, was a World War II Brigade General. Graduated from Command and General Staff School in 1939. Instructor with the New York National Guard 1939-1941. In the Supply Division at the War Department General Staff 1941 to 1942. Commander of 26th Infantry Division Artillery  from 1942-1943. Caualties of the 26th Division during their European campaign, 4.411 killed in action, 17.201 wounded in action and 1.056 missing or died of wounds He then became commander of 99th Infantry Division Artillery, nickname “Battle Babies”  from 1943 to 1945. The division suffered 6.553 casualties with 1.148 members killed in 151 days of combat. There were 254 men listed as missing in action and 5.328 received one or more purple heart awards.  Promoted to Brigadier General in September 1944. Commandant Infantry Replacement Training Centre Camp, Blanding, from 1945 to 1946. Decorations included the Silver Star, Legion of Merit and two Bronze Stars. Black retired in 1950 and died at the very old age of 92, on 02-07-1986.

Death and burial ground of Black, Frederick Harry.

Brigade General Frederick Harry Black is buried with his wife, Elisabeth Russel,who died old age 83, on21-12-1979, on the Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, Section 4, his neighbours there are the Flyer Ace Marion Carl
 General, and Commander of Army Ground Forces. 

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