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Hofacker, Caesar von, born 02-03-1896 in Ludwigsburg , son of Eberhard Alfred Konrad Karl von Hofacker a General in World War I and Albertine, born von Üxküll-Gyllenband. After the first war Eberhard von Hofacker was deputy director of the Württemberg military academy. He retired from active duty on 08-05-1919. He died 19-01-1928, age 66, in Tübingen.

On 08-08-1914, Hofacker joined the former Ulanen-Regiment “King William I” (2nd Wiirttemberg), No. 20 , who had been formerly appointed by his father, and on the 01-12-1914, Squadron in action. On 07-05-1915, Ceasare became an unofficial officer, on December 4, and on 30-03-1916 as Leutnant of the Reserve. On 07-06-1916, he was transferred to the replacement squadron, on 25-12-1916, as an aircraft pilot, to the Aviation Replacement Division 5. After passing the test, Hofacker was employed by the Feldflieger Division , where he was awarded the Golden Military Medal  on 20-02-1917.
On 03-04-1917, at the request of King William II of Wurttemberg, he was replaced by the replacement squadron of the regiment. He was transferred to the 26th Division under command of  Wilhelm, 2nd Duke of Urach  on 10-05-1917, and commanded the German Military Mission in Turkey. As a leutnant, he got into French captivity on 20-10-1918. He was released from captivity on 14-03-1920, and on 17-03-1920, back in Germany, he retired from military service.
After his studies, he became a Dr. jurist and has been a member since 1927, since 1936 he has been a representative of the Vereinigte Stahlwerke , United Stealworks, in Berlin. In 1931 he joined the Stahlhelm-Bund der Frontsoldaten.  In 1939, as a reserve officer, he was transferred to the German military administration in Paris after the occupation of France in 1940.

Hofacker was married to Ilse-Lotte Pastor; From the marriage the children Eberhard  , Anna-Luise, Christa, Alfred and Liselotte. Anna-Luise later married the former Oberleutnant and later Bundeswehr Generalmajor, Richard Freiherr von Rosen.   During the war von Rosen was an Oberleutnant der Panzertruppe. Von Rosen died old age 93, on 26-10-2015 in Kreuth, Oberbayern.

    In the summer of 1944, the three younger children, Christa, Alfred and Liselotte, were taken to a nursery in Bad Sachsa by the Gestapo. Over 40 children from resistance families were accommodated there. That Hofacker had been executed, his wife and the two older siblings learned in the concentration camp Stutthof (Sippenhaft) . Only in July 1945 did all Hofacker children and their mother meet again

Hofacker’s main activity in relation to the events culminating in the attempted assassination of Adolf Hitler  by Claus von Stauffenberg his cousin, at the Wolf’s Lair

   on 20-07-1944 consisted of acting as a secret liaison between his cousin and another plotter in occupied Paris, General Carl Heinrich von Stülpnagel,  France’s military governor, to whom he was personal adviser. Another Stülpnagel, Otto von  was called the “Butcher of Paris”. Hofacker assessed the chances of the coup attempt as “only ten percent”.He had a point of introduction to Field Marshal Erwin Rommel as he considered his father something of a hero, having served under him in World War I. He tried to draw him into the plot to rid  Germany of Hitler, but although Rommel gave his backing to the conspiracy he did not agree that he should be killed.

Death and burial ground of Hofacker, Caesor von.


On 26-07-1944, Hofacker was arrested in Paris, taken to Berlin Gestapo headquarters where, he was horrifically tortured and gave up the name of Erwin Rommel stating that Rommel said to “Tell the people in Berlin they can count on me”.This was support for the conspiracy to overthrow Hitler, not to kill him- but this made no difference to Hitler who ordered the forced suicide of Erwin Rommel and false hero’s funeral. The torture confession was taken down and Hofacker was put on trial before the Volksgerichtshof under jurist Roland Freisler

. During the trial, chaired by the notorious chairman of the Court of Justice, Roland Freisler, he said, “You are silent now, Herr Freisler! Because today is about my head. In a year it is about your head! “In the word and showed thus still in this situation resistance spirit. He was found guilty of treason and sentenced to death. He was hanged at Plötzensee Prison in Berlin.   

His body was cremated and the ashes scattered to prevent his grave from becoming a memorial later on to those who opposed Hitler. Caesar von Hofacker got a graves of honor at the Alter Friedhof of Tützing Starnberger Landkreis Bavaria (Bayern), Germany and one of his close neighbors is the old General  Erich Ludendorff.

On the morning of 03-02-1945, Roland Freisler was conducting a Saturday session of the People’s Court when United States Army Air Forces bombers attacked Berlin, led by the B-17 of Lieutenant Colonel Robert “Rosie” Rosenthal. Government and Nazi Party buildings were hit, including the Reich Chancellery, the Gestapo headquarters, the Party Chancellery and the People’s Court. Hearing the air raid sirens, Freisler hastily adjourned the court and ordered that the prisoners be taken to an air raid shelter, but stayed behind to gather files before leaving. A bomb struck the court-building at 11:08, causing a partial internal collapse, and a masonry column came loose whilst Freisler was distracted by his documents. The column came crashing down on Freisler, causing him to be crushed and killed instantly. Due to the column collapsing, a large portion of the courtroom also landed on Freisler’s corpse

  After the war, Rosenthal served as an assistant to the U.S. prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials, where he interrogated Hermann Wilhelm Göring. Robert “Rosie”  Rosenthal died on 20-04-2007, at age 89 in White Plains, New York.

When Goering was captured by an American infantry division on 07-05-1945, they confiscated monogrammed suitcases, a red hat box, opium and a fortune in gemstones and Reichsmarks. And Goering saw himself as the man who would negotiate Germany’s surrender.To their surprise, the Allies realized that the number two in the Nazi Party, who had bombed many Allied cities, considered himself a statesman – not a war criminal.


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