Fitzau, Erich Erdmann.

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Fitzau, Erich Erdmann, born 31-05-1896 in Köthen, Anhalt, volunteered in the Army on 12-08-1914, age 18, in the 74th Infantry Regiment as a platoon leader. He participated in the first war, succeeded in a pilot training and ended the war as a pilot in the 261st Flying Battalion. Fitzau retired from the Army Service and joined the Police Service  on 30-09-1920. He was reactivated in the Luftwaffe Service (see Hermann Goering (did you know) on 01-08-1935, as an instructor in the Army War School Courses, in Eiche. At the beginning of World War II he was in disposal of the 21st Flying Supply Battalion. As an Oberst with the Staff of the 1st Flying Corps , until 04-08-1940. Fitzau was the commander of the Acceptance Office 4, for Officers Applicant of the Luftwaffe  to 28-11-1941. He is badly wounded in a motor vehicle accident and in the Luftwaffe hospital in Vienna. Recovered assigned as adviser in the RLM, L in 10, until 1942. Commander of the Air War school to 01-11-1943 and in the meanwhile promoted to Generalmajor, Airport Area Commander in Finland, to 1-03-1945. Fitzau becomes Commander of Directing Office of Catch Command West with Air Region in Command V, to 08-05-1945.

Death and burial ground of Fitzau, Erich Erdmann.

He lands in US captivity until his release on 01-03-1947 and lives in Baden Baden. He died at the age of 57, on 07-10-1953 and is buried on the Hauptfriedhof of Baden Baden, in the family grave of Gaus. Two famous WW II Generals are buried close by, Stalingrad Field Marshal, Friedrich Paulus   and General der Infanterie, Dietrich von Choltitz  , the Kommandeur der XXV Korps, who didn’t follow the orders of Hitler, to destroy Paris. Also buried there are the Generalmajor der Infanterie, Field Commander, Eugen Bilharz Generalmajor der Flieger, Generalleutnant der Artillerie, Kommandeur der XXXXI Panzerkorps, Rudolf Holste  and war movie actor, Wolfgang Preiss

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