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Piburn, Edwin William, born 09-07-1895 in Kingsley, Kansas, was a WW II Brigade General. He served with 18th Infantry Regiment, France 1919-20, from 1921. With 8th Infantry Regiment, in Germany. He became instructor on the Tank School from 1924 until 1925, than instructor on the Infantry School from 1926 until 1927. Piburn than served with the 14th Infantry Regiment, in the Panama Canal Zone, from 1936 until 1939.  He was assigned as Professor of Military Science & Tactics, South Dakota State College from 1939 until 1940. With the outbreak of World War II he was Observer with British Forces in the Middle East from 1941 until 1942. Piburn was Commander, Combat Command “B”, 14th Armoured Division, nickname “Liberators” File:14th US Armored Division SSI.svg  from 1942 until 1944. The division’s nickname is officially recognized by the US Army and the division is carried on the permanent rolls of the Army as the “LIBERATORS.” Following Commander, Combat Command “A”, 10th Armoured Division nickname “Tiger Division” File:10th US Armored Division SSI.svg  from 1944 until 1945. Casualties during the European campaign battle casualties 4.697, kia 784, non battle 3.684, total 78.5% of the division.

Death and burial ground of Piburn, Edwin William.

Edwin Piburn was severely wounded in Germany April 1945 and in hospital until 1947. He retired in 1952 and lived in St. Petersburg, Florida. Piburn died there at the age of 63, on 28-09-1958 and is buried with his wife Elisabeth, who died at the very old age of 95, on 20-03-2001, on the National Cemetery of Arlington, Section 30. In Section 30 also the Generals, Admiral Robert Ghormley, Lieutenant General, Commanded the 5th Marine Division in the occupation of Japan, Thomas Bourke and Lieutenant General, Commander 2nd Armoured Division, Ted BrooksMajor General, Chief Signal Officer, George BackInfantry Major General. Commander 24th Infantry Division “Taro Division” Kenneth Cramer, Infantry Major General. Commander 9th Infantry Division, Louis Craig, Air Force Lieutenant General, Commander 12th and 15th U.S. Air Force, Ira EakerNavy Admiral, Okinawa Campain, Louis  Denfeld,Secretary of the Navy in 1944, James Forrestal and General, Deputy Chief of Staff, Bomb on Hiroshima, Thomas Handy and 1* General Lieutenant, Commanding Officer Artillery, 11th Airborne Division . nicknamed “Angels” Francis William Farrell. Casualties of the 11th Airborne Division, during their 204 days in combat in the Pacific, were 2.300.



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