Fink, Carl.

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Fink, Carl, born on 16-12-1886 in Berlin, Gauleiter Josef  Goebbels (did you know), joined the Army, age 21, on 23-02-1907, as a Fahnenjunker and Company Officer in the 35th Fusiliers Regiment. He participated in World War I and ended the war as the Leader of Border Protection in the 407th Flying Battalion. Fink was retired from the Army on 31-03-1920 and entered Adolf Hitler’s (did you know) growing Reichswehr in the Luftwaffe Service (see Hermann Goering) (did you know) as adviser in the Technical Office RLM, on 01-02-1935. He was the leader of Department of the Armaments Inspection III, to 08-06-1941. Military Economy Commander Oppeln and later of Kharkov, until 31-01-1942. Commander of Armaments Area Hanover and Armaments Inspection IX until 28-02-1943. Then two years Armament Inspector XI B, Magdeburg, Dessau, Halle and Saale, until 16-04-1945. Fink was placed to the disposal of the 12th Army under General der Panzertruppe, Walter Wenck
     until his US captivity, on 08-05-1945. Fink came to Trent Park, Officers prison, near London and was released on 01-12-1946.

Death and burial ground of Fink, Carl.

 Not a battlefield General he lived in Karlsruhe, where he at the old age of 82 died, on 04-04-1969. Cremated and buried with his wife Gedy, born Kock, who died old age 97 in 1997, on the Hauptfriedhof of Karlsruhe and only steps from the WWII Generalmajor der Artillerie, Kommandeur der 72th Infanterie Division , Werner Kampfhenkel and General der Infanterie, Kommandeur LXXXV Korps, Hans Wolfgang Reinhard.

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