Adams, Emery Sherwood.

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Adams, Emery Sherwood, born 06-02-1881 in Manhattan, Texas, , son of  Major. Natheniel Alanson Adams (USA) and Amanda Clarissa Adams, He married Elies Adams and  had two sons, James Y. Adams and Col. Emory Sherwood Adams, Jr. Emery became was a Major General and working for the War Department until 02-03-1942. He graduated from Kansas State Agricultural College in 1898 at age 17, and in June of that year entered the Army service as a private. He served with the 20th Kansas Infantry and Regular Army from 1898-1902. He was commissioned as an infantry officer in October 1902. He saw overseas duty in the Philippines, China, and France. He had extended duty with the Adjutant General department from 1922 to 1938. This service was followed by an appointment as the assistant Adjutant General of the 4th Corps Area, from 1927. Assistant Adjutant General of the 9th Corps Area and from 1933 until 1936. Then Adjutant General of the 9th Corps Area and from 1938 during until the start of World War II he was Adjutant of the War Department

  , and retired from the Service on 28-02-1942. He was followed by Major General, James Alexander Ulio, James_A_Ulio  who would die, age 76, on 30-07-1958. Adams came in active duty from 01-03-1942 until 02-08-1945. His decorations included the Distinguished Service Medal for service in Brest, France during World War I. In 1948, at the 50th anniversary reunion of his class, Kansas State Agricultural College conferred upon Major General Adams an honorary doctor’s degree.

Death and burial ground of Adams, Emery Sherwood.


Emory Adams died, at his home, Cuesta Vista Dr, Monterey, after a period of failing health, age 86, on 30-11-1967 in Montery, California. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Elles Yeates Adams of Monterey; two sons, Colonel James Y. Adams (USA ret) of Los Altos  257477_113900874905 who died age 82 on 20-01-1995 and Colonel Emory S. Adams Jr. (USA ret) of Carmel; and four grandchildren. Emory Adams is buried with his wife Elies in Plot: OS, grave T 1GR , on Arlington National Cemetery .


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